September 25



You know the feeling, you FEEL it. It’s right there! But you are not sure what is missing.

Do you know this feeling, when you have the momentum and you start taking off and you know there is not much missing to find that missing link? The link that links all areas of your life together and creates harmony and fulfillment?

Sometimes you have to shut yourself off to be able to grow.

Hi Gorgeous,

What a weekend!
Well I do what I preach. It is all inside of me and that is where I went looking this weekend.

You need to dive in deep.
Sometimes you just need to shut yourself off.
Hide from the rest of the world, from your family, friends, and tribe and just do the work.

That is what I did these past 2 days…..

Self-care, de-clutter, cleaning out, cleaning-up, reading, learning, listening, taking in, transforming, having aha-moments. Being totally tired at the end of the day and still energized…

What a wired feeling- being exhausted and energized at the same time.

I did not do a lot this weekend and yet I have gotten so much done.


 By doing less, I did more.

To really SEE what is GOING ON FOR YOU… Step out to step in.


Let’s take you out of the equation [for a moment].

– No filters
– No experiences
– No thoughts

You are here to observe, not to judge. “Thee who observes, notices and decides to go where from here to there arrives at their destination.”

** TUNE IN **

Always try to answer the question what feels aligned for you right now!
Not yesterday and not tomorrow. NOW!

We live in the NOW and we can make decisions in the NOW.

Letting go of fear, doubt, anxiousness and material things that do not serve you anymore, that you have grown out of emotionally is key.

Letting go and shed your old skin to grow into a new beautiful skin.

I am not saying that this is easy. So often resistance is coming up. Your reptile brain and your ego want to keep you in that safe space, in that space they know- your death zone (aka comfort zone).

But there you will not grow. There you will be missing on the fun, the excitement, fulfillment- basically life- sooner or later. There is nothing really to do in that death zone but to die….

>>> All you will ever desire it outside of that zone. ALL of it! <<<

One part of my weekend was cleaning out my closet. I mean really letting go.
Letting go of beautiful things with tons of memories attached to them, knowing that I have grown out of them. Well not with my body, but with my mind, my energy, my personality.

Now! There is space. Now! I feel like one of these women who say: Well, I have nothing to wear 

Which is of course not true.

The things I will be giving away, I did not wear for years… but I could have.

The emotions and memories attached were pretty strong. But I decided to let go and to create space.

** EMOJIS ** Making space in my closet, making space in my heart, making space in my mind to be able to receive more, grow more, and be more. ** EMOJIS **

I can tell you Gorgeous, my resistance was huge.


~What are you resisting?
~Where are you blocking yourself because you can’t let go?
~What pieces you hold onto that will keep you in the past and will keep you from receiving?

Make a decision now! What do you want to let go off?

Write it down now and then make sure you go ALL the way.
Write it down and then take you writing as a To-Do list and just go for it!
Make space for the higher version of you!
Make space for having better things and greater things.

You can make space in a lot of different ways. In your mind, in your closet, in your home, at your desk, in your friends…..

Once you are over that resistance, you will feel better. You will feel a sense of growth, space, freedom.

Let me know where you will make space today. Leave a comment.

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


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