September 26

Your feelings help you to manifest, a way to enrich your life right NOW!



Hi Gorgeous,

It is a beautiful day today, the sun is out, the leaves are turning yellow, it is crisp in the mornings and the hot cup of coffee in my hand right now feels super enriching.
I am so grateful for all the wonderful things in my life and I would love to take you to a little inspirational journey in case you feel like you have not accomplished enough, in case you feel stuck in some area of your life, in case you feel not loved enough or not worthy enough…

What I realized over the years it that we create our lives, but it is not the way where you sit down, you plan it all out, you come up with steps to implement and then you go for it and hustle your way through.
That is not how it works- well at least it is not how things work out the EASY way, the FUN way, the FLOW way…

To step into ease, fun and flow you need to drop from your headspace into your heart space. Because it is only with the heart, that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry author of the Little Prince -if you have not read it I highly, highly recommend you read it!)

So when you feel the feelings you are manifesting. What do you desire in your life? Is it success, money, impact, love…?

Let’s have a look at money.
So many people tell me they desire more money and that is great, but that is only the surface. The reason they desire it is the feeling that comes with it. Maybe the feeling of feeling safe. Or the feelings money creates when it’s spent.

Let me give you an example: You go out and organize your dream trip, let’s say to Paris / France with your loved one.
So money buys the trip sure, there is a transaction but the feeling underneath is a feeling of adventure, romance, beauty, excitement, freedom, attention, peace, happiness, bliss, amazement or feeling rich because you can travel and don’t need to stay at home…

So when you actually want more money, you really want more of these feelings. To manifest faster what can you do to get theses feeling right now?
Any ideas?

Feel it now and be in this space so the universe can align with you and your desires- no push or hard work or struggle- opening up and being a river instead of a pond, feeling amazing in the here and now will help you to create a life of your dreams.

When I went to bed yesterday my little cat joined me. She wanted a cuddle and then fell asleep only to wake up demanding more cuddles and purring non-stop. I observed how much so was in the moment, in the here and now. So was the cuddle she was the purring. So was 100% herself, no thoughts wondering off just 100% presence.
Being with her is always an uplifting feeling for me and a great reminder. Especially yesterday was an interesting realization. I was reading a book. Actually, I had just started reading the book. The story sucked me right in and after a couple of pages I could not put it down. The story was so beautiful and so well written and inspiring for me that I kept reading. My heart and soul wanted to read, my mind wanted to sleep for rational reasons. So while being in the beautiful story of the Go-Giver Leader ( book by Bob Burg and John David Mann) and finishing it in one scoop the time passed and it was well after 1:30 am in the morning that I finished the last sentences.

The big realization was not that I was so inspired, I had that feeling with all 4 of the Go-Giver books. I realized about halfway through the book that I was just living my highest value – FREEDOM- doing what I want, when I want, with whom I want, as often I want…And I had it ALL.
I had the deep feeling of freedom coming over me. I was where I wanted to be, I was doing something my soul enjoyed, I was connected to my little cat as well to the story of the book and the people in it and I did not care about time and space. I sat with that feeling as long as I could because I know the person I am becoming will feel this most of the time. If I am this person now, then the rest will align. So the feeling of freedom changed to gratitude and then changed to love for the wonderful inspirational story, I was reading making my hear sing and then back to gratitude and love for the authors who had made it all
up and who were brave enough to share their ideas with the world.

So often we hold back because we worry about what others might think, we worry about rejection or humiliation and we forget all the people we could be serving.
I want to invite you to stop being worried about what others think and to concentrate on your gifts and beauty and on following your heart. Your heart knows! If not you, who can bring your gifts into the world?
Who has your gifts and your experience and your unique blend of being?
If you come from your heart-space you’ll be unstoppable.
If you can only touch one single person that can make the difference for them and their life trajectory. Because now they can give more of who they are and might touch their family and friends with their awesomeness and now they get inspired and so on and so forth…You’ll never know
what your gifts can do!

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!
Go and give your gifts to the world by being who you are and by growing into the person, you desire to be.



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