June 7

You are so BLESSED


Hi Gorgeous,

You are blessed! I am blessed!

I woke up with this amazing feeling this morning that I am blessed. And a song came to mind of Karen Drucker, I am so blessed. My brain is singing the song since I opened my eyes.

Check her out at the end of the post, so you are not distracted now.

I realized with clarity that we are all so blessed. We are here to create, to unleash our gifts, to walk forward in life, to grow, to enjoy, to inspire and to be inspired.

Yes for sure!
Always but this makes the journey, right?

After a super difficult day, two days ago, where I felt not supported, alone on my journey, upset, sad, angry… you name it, things have changed. Sure they change because I knew this was not the state I wanted to be in. I knew this was not my core. I knew I was telling myself a shity story and I wanted to let go.

BUT sometimes Gorgeous, sometimes things are not changing as fast as you would like to.

Can you relate?

So I did allow myself to the FEEL the pain and I knew that by sitting down and journalling it all out it would help me in process to change. It was not pretty what I wrote into my journal. I can tell you that after the “poor-me-all-alone-moment” I released the energy and I felt so much better.

I guess I needed this “emotional downtime” to feel so much better and blessed NOW. Deep down inside of me I know how blessed I am.

There are the ups and downs in life. I embrace the journey, because I decided to move on and to change, to change myself by changing the way I thought and that changed the way I felt.

I know I have a super powerful message to share. I know I am touching people’s lives. I know I live my purpose and I get better at it every single day


I know I am NOT special! This is about YOU!

I know we ALL have amazing gifts and can be on this amazing journey if we allow ourselves to embrace it. If we allow ourselves to tell our stories and share our messages to the world we are supporting others.

I want to invite you to take a minute right NOW, take a deep breath and just feel blessed. No matter where you are on your journey.

I know you probably don’t have it all together….

I know I don’t, that’s for sure

BUT I am working on it. First and foremost I am working on myself. That it the only place where I can create change.

By changing the way I show up I can impact, inspire, and motivate.

YOU can too, Gorgeous.

I hope you see that!
I hope you feel and know deep down inside of you that you are the change. That you can make your world a better place, that you can live your dreams.

It all starts with your AWARENESS and the WILL to create your life to not rely on the circumstances outside of you but to look within and making a new decision each and every day and then moving forward.

Allow yourself to step-up and to give your gifts to the world. Don’t hold back your awesomeness, your beauty, your being. Play full out! As one of my friends Augie Byllott would say.

It is one life, it is now and it is not a rehearsal! So go for it now! Stop waiting and hiding your gifts!

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!

Christine Schlonski

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Karen Drucker: I am so blessed song on youtube:


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