October 2

YES! Give your body what it needs!


Give your body what it needs!

Hi Gorgeous,

What a weekend! Yesterday I slept over 10 hrs. When I woke up a little tiny voice inside of me came to tell me that I had wasted half a day by being in bed for so long, not creating, not being productive, not hustling ONLY sleeping….

At first I started to believe this little voice in my head. But then I remember that only last week my alternative practitioner had told me that I need to give my body more rest. More rest then I do right now to get more energy.

So what can I say, I worked around my resistance and I know that my alternative practitioner is right.

Have you ever heard: Your body is your temple?

If not… listen even more carefully.
If yes… here a good reminder of how to treat yourself right.

Here are my best tips to tune in:

Make sure you feel great in your body.
 Make sure you honor your body, even if it might not look the way you want it to look.
 Make sure you move your body, that is what it is made for. Otherwise what do you need arms and legs for? You can be comfortably on a couch without them.
Make sure you fuel your body by giving it the right food. I know that one is a bit difficult, but chocolate, alcohol, pizza is in fact NOT the right food. (I know I fall for this as well, but will get better and better….)
Make sure you have enough rest to recover.
Make sure you breathe! (This is also one I am constantly improving, because I often just forget to breathe deeply into my tummy) Breathing is live.
Make sure you look at yourself with love. It will change your feeling and your appearance in other people’s eyes.

So when you are in flow, in love, in alignment you can create, you can manifest much faster and live becomes so much easier.

Live does not need to be hard. You decide.

Start honoring you.
Start loving you.
Then you are able to attract all the love you want.

Accept you, for you and others will accept you.
If you feel you are not accepting ALL of you, this comes off as not feeling worthy and the world feels it.
Look inside yourself for love & acceptance.
If you are looking outside of yourself for love & acceptance, you will feel empty, numb and unfulfilled.

The ONLY PERSON who is able to give you love:

>> Drum Roll<<

and only

Remember: Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!
Your life is not a rehearsal! 

Christine Schlonski

Are you confused of what is possible? Do you want more clarity, more focus?
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