January 9

Why do you want what you WANT?


Hi Gorgeous,

Today we need to talk about your deepest desires! Why do you want what you want?
You know it is not even important to know why you want what you want! It is totally enough to know what you want and then to go for it.

Your heart’s deepest desires do not need to be explained. You desire to have a certain life experience, so go for it. There is nothing wrong with your deepest desires. Just make sure that these desires are yours and that you do not think that you are supposed to be, have or do something because someone else has it or you need to belong…. If you want to go shopping at Chanel, there is NOTHING wrong with it! I mean nothing! If you want to go camping by yourself in nature, fine! There is nothing wrong with it! If you want to get married and have a ton of children, fine! Go for it, there is nothing wrong with it! If you want to stay single for the rest of your life, fine too and nothing wrong with it.

Gorgeous, you need to understand that you need to follow your heart. When you follow your heart there is strength and innate power that you can tap into. It is like an engine that keeps you going!

You might be afraid; you might feel you are losing something when you start following your heart
I and many, many, many others will tell you: This is an illusion!

There is no security. Not in your job, not in your life, not in your relationships, not in your children, your house…. There is nothing safe and staying the way it is forever.
Life is about change.

Embrace it. Let that fear go! Know that change can be good for you. That new opportunities are opening up before you each and every day. The more you start following your true desires the more you will grow, the better you will feel, the more alive you will feel.

It might not work out all the time. I get you. I hear you. And guess what, it never does work out all the time for all the people. If it does not work out, fine. You find another way. You find another approach. You find another idea.
But if you only keep worrying in your mind and spinning these worrying thought around, then they will fulfill themselves.

What you focus on expands!

Why do you have desires? Why do you want certain things?
Well, why do you care? You just desire these things, that is enough.
You are enough and if you heart wants something that will make you Happy! End of story!

Go for it! Go for what makes you happy!

Stop JUST dreaming! Act NOW!

Christine Schlonski

PS: If you need help with getting to what you want and how to go for it check this Retreat out! I will be a guest speaker there and together with the host Joyce Stech and Colin MacLeod we will (KYA) Kick Your Ass at the Bootcamp for the Soul. Connect you to your inner truth and show you how you can feel it, speak it and go for it. 3 Days with packed so much content: presentations, workouts, fun, inspiration, creativity, and so much more:

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