August 15

Why did it take me so long?


Why did it take me so long? That is exactly the question I asked myself yesterday and this morning and maybe tomorrow.


Here are my answers: Resources, time, money, mindset, etc.….
Well, all excuses! It took so long just because I took so long. And that is fine!


All is good and things sometimes do take time.


So what was the question about?
Getting eye surgery and getting rid of my contact lenses and glasses and with them the feeling of not being 100% in my personal power and therefore wanting to upgrade to Christine 2.0.


It is not that I could not have functioned with glasses and contact lenses. Lots of people wear them and that is totally fine. I was longing for the feeling to wake up in the morning and to see everything clear. I was longing for a certain feeling, a feeling of power, freedom and independency. And the desire grew, became stronger and stronger. Putting on glasses first in the morning or contact lenses in was not really the question. Well it did bother me from time to time but I think the underlying feeling, that what came back to me again and again and grew stronger over time was the desire to FEEL FREEDOM and INDEPENDANCY.
These are two feelings I want to have all the time and putting on glasses or putting in contact lenses did not fulfill the deep desire and was a compromise.


All in all it took me 8 years to finally step up and all of a sudden when I discovered there is a new eye surgery method (RelaxSmile) that only requires one tiny cut and the laser instead of a so called flap, I was in.


I finally decided! I committed! I took the actions necessary and now it is DONE.


Done and over with and I am still surprised that something that takes you such a long time is done within 30 minutes and the actually surgery within 2 min in total.


My eyes will need about 3 month to recover, but I have been waking up 2 mornings now and things are clear. It will become even better over time but the feeling, Gorgeous, this FEELING I tell you- amazing.


So just in case you have anything you are thinking of doing one day….DON’T wait.


Do it NOW!


Decide, if it is really, really important to you, decide, commit and take action! Massive, inspired action and don’t waste your time.
Life is way too short to live someone else’s dream or to stay in fear and not move. You are here to have fun and to enjoy live, go for it! Make your dreams come true. We so easily forget that our LIFE is not a rehearsal. It is already the real thing!


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!






PS: I am sooooooo excited! I have created a course just for you. I have learned so much over the last 18 month, I uplevel all the time and I have taken what I have learned, what you have ask me, what I have coached you on and I created this self-love workshop for YOU.
If you finally can step up and love yourself EVERYTHING in your live will be easier. You will learn to say YES to yourself and you can start to allow yourself to create the live of your dreams. It all starts with self-love. If you want to have more money, a better career, a thriving biz, better relationships with your partner, your children, your friends….IT ALL starts with Self-LOVE. Don’t miss this great opportunity and sign up now!


The first 10 people signing up will get an amazing BONUS:
A Self-Love Meditation to dive in DEEP before we EVEN START.
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