September 4

When I ……, I will be happy.


When I, I will be happy.

Did you know that when you are looking to achieve something and you attach being happier or more fulfilled to it as a condition you will blog yourself or when you get there you might feel empty and NOT fulfilled?


We have it totally upside down.
We can decide to feel happier or more fulfilled right NOW! No MATTER what!


Let’s say you think that when you get the promotion or the increase in salary, you will feel so much happier! Or when you finally retire you will feel so much better and free and can finally create your days and decide on your terms.


It never works this way! There might be a rush of positive feelings in that moment of achievement but it is not lasting most of the time. Lasting happiness comes from within.


Lasting good feelings are a decision.
It is you looking for them within. You can get them RIGHT now by finding an experience to remember that gave you joy, peace, fulfillment and then go back to this place in your mind.


Being in total gratitude, alignment, happiness ALL comes within. When you find it within first the outside will align.


When you follow your heart, the people, the circumstances will show up.


As always it is a decision. It is the way of seeing your life. Some of us are really great in complaining.

I invite you to take a deeper look! What is it really that you are complaining about?
What is the underlying issue. What is it you don’t want to see, you don’t want to admit?


We all have these blind spots. We all are denying and hiding from time to time. We all are lying to our selves from time to time because we are too afraid to admit, to take a look at what seems scary or ugly or not fitting the picture we have about our selves.


So what you can do right now is to get in state.
In a great state, in a state that empowers you, that makes you strong, that allows flow and happiness and a great sense of achievement.


First it is always great to move your body and to put on a big smile.


If you need some inspiration, check out Madonna Barr and her dance FB Lives. Every time I catch her with the music, dancing I smile and I feel like dancing along. She is a great example of being in state and I love her taste of music 


Then you just pick one or two situations where you just felt amazing. Where your heart did sing and you where in flow and you had the feeling you where on top of the world!


Remember these feelings. Remember them deeply, feel them again. Go back to this amazing situation and allow these great feelings to wash over you. Take them in, hold them, look at them.


You will probably notice that your posture will change, that your heart will beat in a different rhythm, that your smile becomes real.


Enjoy this moment!
Take a few minutes each day to tune in and to feel great feelings, feel how you would feel when you achieved your goal. Feel it right now, even though your goal might be miles away. Feel it, take it in, breath it. Allow yourself to already be there in your mind!
Create your reality. Enjoy this state and feel how strong you are, what a great achiever you are.


Now answer just one question:
What can I do today to get closer to achieving my goal.


Whatever it is, take the inspired action, take the next step.




Stay in that state you have just created, because when we are in this positive state the outer circumstances will align. You have a different vibration and if the vibration matches what you want to achieve things become so much easier.


Enjoy your journey step by step!



Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!




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If you want to dive in deeper, let me know by sending me a PM. I am happy to explore with you how I can support your journey as a heart-centered, driven entrepreneur, coach, leader or creative.


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