March 8

I Don’t FEEL Like It


I don’t FEEL like it!
I am quite sure, that you have been in a situation where you knew this NEEDS to be done, but you didn’t feel like it at all.
Even if you knew this would be the ultimate task and then things will get better.
You sabotaged yourself because you just didn’t feel like it, you were not in the flow or your vibe was not right.
Let me tell you a very BIG SECRET,
that I learned about 3 or 4 years ago from one of my coaches.
Millions of people do not realize their dream because they put things off do to there not feeling like it.
They tell themselves, if I feel like it, I get started.
If I feel like it I apply for this job.
If I feel like it I start these studies.
If I feel like it I talk to this influencer and will pitch for what I want.
the reality is, you need to do these things now, because
you have started you will
FEEL like IT.
You feelings align to your actions.
Read this again!
I could see that for myself over and over again. We do not feel 100% awesome each and every day and all the time. To manage your state is an art. You can learn it, but you need to know it in order to take action.
Especially in sales I can say that sometimes I was afraid of calling the next prospect because I did not want to burn my leads and I did not feel like it.
My story was that if I call now I can only screw up, because I am not in the vibe or in my best state.
What I started to do was calling anyways. I just took some of my perceived “less important leads” and got started. Whatever came my way I dealt with it and from call to call I became better and my I do not feel like it feeling got smaller and smaller.
I have done hundreds, well probably thousands of pitches during my last 11 years in my job. Have I burned leads? Yes, I have. Have I gotten lots of Nos, yes I have!
I also have won amazing clients! Clients who love my product. Who love me. Who return all the time. Who give great references and who I do enjoy working with very, very much.
GUESS what? Without the first call this would not have been possible.
So whatever you want to do or sell or achieve, my advice to YOU:
Just take the first step and then your feelings pick up and support your actions. All of a sudden you are in flow and alignment and you enjoy your task. And you get the results.
So whatever it is you are putting of:
applying for a new job, for the college of your dreams, if you want to sell your product or service or if you really need to talk to someone that you highly respect or fear or if it is the girl of your dream you want a date with, get started!
Your thoughts are only in your head and you might be perceived very differently by the other person.
Take a deep breath, know what you want as a result- be absolutely clear- and then just go for it!
Even if it does not work out, you have done it. You have a result and your brain can let go of all the “what if….questions”. If something you really, really want does not work out, find another approach and try again.
Most of us are so in the I-want-it-now-game that they overlook all the work that needs to go into it and all the learning along the way.
Do you think a top athlete or a top performer in their field have only tried one time and than succeeded?
Look at all the stars on this planet. You need to train and repeat.
It took me 47 attempts to win my first client when I start my telesales job and I knew I had an awesome product. Do you think I would be a sales director now if I would have given up, or if I had a difficult time just leave and go somewhere else where all looked shinier?
I do not think so!
Get clear on what you want and put the work in.
Keep going and keep getting better.
If you love what you do most of the time you can conquer difficult times. If you do not love what you are doing, then find something you love, something that is worth your energy.
Stop wasting your time and stop fearing the fear.
You only have one life and that is now.
So live it!
Own it!
Go for your dreams and get great and outstanding with what you love.
Stop JUST dreaming, act now!
PS: I am planning a workshop about the success-mindset and how to pull through and improve each and every day. If you are interested, send me an email with the subject line titled “YES”.


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