January 5

What’s Holding You Back?


What’s holding you back?

Hi Gorgeous,

Seriously, what is holding you back?!

I know there is something, deep down inside of you that is holding you back, that is keeping you from creating a life that you secretly desire!

I know it! I feel it! I can see it in your energy!


You need to feel it too! You need to admit to yourself that it is there, it is draining you, it is eating your soul each and every single day a bit more.


You are conditioned to be mediocre!
You are not supposed to stand out! That is NOT what one does! And who are you anyway to feel that special? Who are you wanting to stand out? Creating your life? Living life on your terms? Who in the world are you?

I can tell you Gorgeous!

You are a Masterpiece!
You are amazing!
You are strong, stronger than you think right now!
You are gifted!
You are loved!
You are special!
You are a superstar and
you are ready to shine!

All that we have learned, all that we have been told by our parents or society is NOT true.

You know the truth deep in your heart.
You know you were born for more but to unleash this is not always easy.
We have learned that we need to fit in.
We have learn to be good girls, to get good grades in school, to go and study, to get married, to buy a house, a car, the vacation, to have children, to stick around in a stale relationship, to keep going, to pay tax, to play small….

Because our parents were tough the same thing.

If you want to fit in you can’t stick out!

And we forgot what we came here for. We forget our gifts and talents or we only use a little bit of them to make a living.

What a phrase: “to make a living”!

I do not want to “make a living”!

I want to shine!
I want to create!
I want to love and live and be totally excited about my live each and every single day.
I want to make new decisions every day.
I want to grow and to accelerate.
I want to follow my bliss….

And I know you want that too!

We all want it but the questions is are we ready to get uncomfortable?
Are we ready to stick out? To be seen? To be judged? To be told NO? Are we ready to believe in ourselves? Are we ready to do the work?

One thing that comes up ALL the TIME and I strongly believe it is THE SECRET of all SUCCESSFUL people is to follow your HEART!

Follow your freaking HEART- that is what it is for. Forget your brain, your ego! It is tricking you. It shows you an illusion. Your heart knows the truth and NOW is the time to follow your heart.

Listen to the whisper!
Listen to that tiny, tiny bliss feeling that wants to get out, that wants attention, that wants to grow.

Well, that is your EGO asking!

If you follow your heart, each and every day and for the rest of your life – everything will align!
Your dreams will come true, step by step, piece by piece, bit by bit.

What is it that you really, really want?

Go for it Gorgeous! Feed your heart and soul, don’t wait! Now is the time.

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!

Christine Schlonski

PS: If you KNOW that NOW is your time let’s partner up:
There are 2 ways to do that. It is either 1:1 with me (send me a PM) or via this amazing bootcamp: https://www.smore.com/bg362-kya-intensive-bootcamp-for-the-… in Sedona/ Arizona. Payment plans are offered now.


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