August 29

What is your definition of Success?


Did you know that there is no such thing than a SINGLE definition of SUCCESS that is correct? Actually you define what success is FOR you!


The definition of SUCCESS from Society does not need to be yours. I know some people who make being successful so very hard for them, that they will never reach their goal.


I love having high standards, but if there is no way of reaching them, you will end up unfulfilled, unhappy and frustrated.


Let me give you an example. If my definition of success is:
Making a lot of money, having a nice car, having a nice home, having a perfect husband, having lots of recognition, having 2 dogs that behave perfectly all the time….


I would fail all the time!


Well I can always have more money, as of today-I can get a bigger Mercedes, I still can improve lots in my home and my dogs will not be able to behave perfectly all the time- they are dogs and also I will not agree 100% with my husband all the time, so he will not be perfect all the time-there is no 100% perfect in a human relationship.


So per definition I will never be successful! And that sucks, right?


How about this definition?
I wake up in the morning, I still breath and I put my two feed on the ground!


I am 100% successful already! And the beauty: it already starts in the morning. I start my day successful and I do not need to go out to achieve anything: it is already there.


Do you see the difference?
Do you feel the difference energetically?


We make it so difficult so often! There is nothing wrong with having the house, car, husband…..BUT you should not make it about these external factors.
Make success about you.


Why don’t you start off with being successful and then only add some material things YOU really, really want on the way.
The definition of success is so different from person to person. For someone who might be sick- health is success; for someone who might be poor – money is success; for someone who has enough money- adventure might be success…
What I am trying to say is: Stay with you, go within. Start out with you and fine your OWN definition of success.

Success is about fulfillment, happiness, love and living. It is not about struggle, working too hard and not living only to accumulate a lot of stuff.


I personally believe that I am the most successful, when I am feeling amazing, when I am in FLOW, when I am LOVE, when I am able to GIVE and to ENJOY my live.

When you have this kind of success and you are aligned, you follow your purpose, money will come your way, people you need will come your way, material things you desire will come you way… WHY?
Because you call them in!
You do not NEED any of this stuff. You have everything inside and therefore you hold the vibration that will attract everything you desire. You just decide to! But if it does not work out you are perfectly fine.


So Gorgeous, what is your definition of SUCCESS?


How can you live a life of bliss and happiness? If you want to find out, get your journal out and start writing. Explore what is inside of you.


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


Because you can have it all, go for it!


Join my Self-Love workshop this Saturday. You will learn how to let go of shame and guild. You will learn how to love and appreciate yourself, so you can go within to than create on the outside. What you do not have inside, you can’t have. You will not have the vibration you need to call the things in.
It ALWAYS starts with you.
I would be so happy and honored to explore this with you and to do this deep work with you.

Here is the link to sign up.


I will than add you to a private FB-group, where the workshop takes place and where we have the Q&A. If you can’t make it live, I will answer your questions when you have put them in the group.


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