May 2

What is the TRUTH inside of you?


Are you doing something that you just love, love, love OR that you just DON’T love? How many compromises do you find a day, a week, a month, a year, a lifetime?

I always thought compromising is a good thing because then you hold the peace. When someone was not able to compromise I thought they were freaking egotistical.

When you are really clear on what you want then going for it becomes so much easier. Compromises usually come for not being clear about your desires.

But guess what? The other person might be really, really clear on their desires and they make sure you do what they want you to do.

Saying NO is not an easy thing when you get started. It can leave you with a feeling behind of being a “bad” person of being ruthless, egotistical.

I can assure you that this feeling will be going away. Sometimes this feeling goes fast, sometimes faster and sometimes it takes longer. So often you compromise to keep the peace, you put your desires last and serve everyone else before you and you only live a mediocre life do to that fact.

Saying NO doesn’t need to be done in a nasty way. You can be polite and just say No!
No, thank you! and move on doing YOUR thing, living your live, fulfilling your desires. By doing that you can still give a lot. BUT you make sure your cup is full.

Lately I am saying NO to a lot of things and people.
I started to be so clear in what I desire and what I do NOT tolerate anymore, that it feels like I am in “NO-Land” 

The result? I am super focused and I get what I want. I love to get what I really, really want, it makes me happy, it makes my heart sing. It puts me in a state of flow, abundance and that leads to creating even more of what I want.

So what can you do to get started?

At first notice what you say and what you wanted to say.
Feel it. Allow yourself to “screw up”. That is fine and it is part of the learning curve. You have to see and change your patterns. Don’t be angry at yourself. Just notice how you have reacted and felt and just say to yourself:

Mhhhh, that is interesting….. And then choose what you would love to have done instead.
Maybe you can even say things like:

-I now claim my power back.
-I now own my value.
-I now stand up for myself.
-I know create what I want to create and the right people will come my way.
-I know love my life.
-I now love what I do and do what I love.
-Only high vibe people are coming my way.
-My desires are fulfilled.
-Only great things are coming my way.

Get the idea?
Claiming your power and owning your values will help you in getting clear.
What is really important to you?

Is it freedom, being independent?
Is it health or the body of your dreams?
Is it your family and friends?
Is it travels?
Is it a filled bank account?
Is it security?

What is it for you? You can write down all that comes to your mind. Don’t judge while writing. Just get it on a piece of paper and when you are done, read through it.

Feel into the words and feel which ones you feel more drawn to. When you are done, then put them in order.

financial freedom……

Find your order and have fun. Remind yourself that you create your reality. You choose your thoughts, your thoughts create emotions and the become motions (actions) and that gets you your results. 

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!



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