August 16

What inspires you to take action?


What inspires you to take action?

After my first run of 20km (12.42 miles) yesterday without stopping, as a non-runner, I added 6 km (3,72 miles) yesterday evening. This was after a long day. Actually I felt more I wanted to spent the evening with my husband, having a nice meal and sit down to relax.

BUT I did not!

I got out my running shoes and off I went – only 6 km, BUT at least 6 km.

I told you about the reasons to be more fit and to take it to the next level, but what really inspired me to finally take it to my next level was one of my friends Ben Sweet.
Ben is an awesome; give it your all person. I followed his challenge that he documented on Facebook. He ran 10 marathons- yes correct 10, in a row. That means he ran in total 421,95 km or 262,18 miles!

I knew people do that crazy stuff. I knew there are good runners out there. I knew there is a guy who ran 1.000 miles in a row….


I never had a person in my environment, in my reach, who has actually done it.

What I like even better: Ben did not just do it, to do it; he gave it a great cause. He partnered up with a pro-purpose organization to collected money on the way to build a school in India. In this way he will serve 1.000 kids and more.

Today I decided to take this project on. Not only that I have already contributed to his project financially, I want to help him getting the missing funds to actually do it.

Please find the link here and get to know Ben.

My half-marathon is on the 10th of September 2016 in Berlin. I am very excited and work on getting into better shape and getting the missing funds for Ben to also serve the kids in a place I do not even know. I already thank you very much for your support and your big heart.

Please leave your comments below or PM me for any questions.

Stop just dreaming, act now to make your dreams come true!

Love Christine




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