July 21

What If…


What if your clients become your friends?
What if you had clients who inspire you as well?
What if biz was easy and fun?
What if. you let go of making biz just a money exchange idea?
I am back into flow. I had a very interesting experience yesterday. I was totally high vibe and then I choose to be in a conference all day long in a closed up room, freezing, bad lightning, and tons and tons of thoughts and ideas that needed to be processed.
After a very beautiful lunch outside in nature I returned to my seat and all of of sudden I felt like someone is putting a plug into my energy field and sucks out all my energy. I felt drained, I felt tired, I felt an inner panic since it was totally unexpected and I was not sure how to protect myself.
I tried to not fall of off my chair, I tried to have my eyes open but I could barely manage. I could barely hold the space for me. I tried to put myself in an energetic bubble to protect myself but nothing really worked.
It was so interesting to observe. So interesting to notice.
Have you ever had surgery where they did only put a body part of you to sleep so you were able to watch, to notice, to observe?
That is what I felt yesterday. So strange.
And then MAGIC happened. After the conference I spent time with friends, I connected, I did not allow myself to just go back to my room. And all of a sudden my energy came back, I started to have fun, I felt plugged in, I felt the flow coming back. I felt my power again.
There was music to uplift me, there were conversation that inspired me. There was fun and laughter, there was lightness, there was potential. There was entrepreneurship, freedom, independence, love, drive, creativity, power in the air. And it smelled wonderful. It felt wonderful.
I took a moment to go deep within to feel the gratitude for what I am experiencing like seeing friends and clients in one place, spending time, hanging out. Seeing how they have transformed or transform in front of my eyes by allowing me to work with them. To see their great breakthroughs, seeing them claiming their space, stepping into their power, stepping into their authentic self, see them blossom, it just blows me away.
I just want to sit, observe, enjoy the moment, being in awe to what I was able to trigger, to what I was able to empower.
Just thinking about my potential make me speechless. My client are my mirror and being able to see that beauty, that power, that love, that light that unfolds in front of my eyes, I don’t have words for that. I only know it is absolutely amazing and beautiful and I want it, I deeply desire it every single moment in my life.
That is my purpose. That is what I came here for!
And it’s huge to comprehend.
It is just huge to take in. It is joy, bliss, happiness and it scares the shit out of me at the same time.
I need to calm myself, I need to center myself, I need to breath (what I frequently forget….)
I just need to flow!
All I need it being me!
All I need is being in flow!
All I need is to give!
All I need is to allow!
All I need is to enjoy!
All I need is to have fun!
All I need is love!
So what a beautiful life! What an amazing journey.
Learn to trust yourself!
Learn to see you. I mean the true you! Learn to see who you are deep inside. Embrace your fears and failures. Never give up, never, ever, give up!
Set the intention, that your clients are your soulmate clients.
Here are some ideas for journaling.
Feel free to copy:
I call in my soulmate clients.
My clients are fun.
My clients have great personalities.
I am always able to give tremendous value to them.
My soulmate client pays me 100% upfront. They always find a way to come up with the money and the pay me with joy and gratitude.
My soulmate client is ready for change.
My soulmate client is open to receive.
My soulmate client invests into themselves because they see the bigger picture, they see the potential.
I allow myself to receive the energetic exchange with joy and gratitude.
I allow myself to grow.
I love my clients and they love me.
By working with me, my clients will never be the same. They will follow a new path in life and will accelerate and shine.
Business is fun, joy and low.
It is easy and natural to make tons of money to support the lifestyle I desire.
The purpose of life is to have fun, to enjoy and to have great experiences.
Everyone is a Masterpiece.
So Gorgeous remember:
Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!
For a moment of peace and focus here is my free gift for you:


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