August 16

What a beautiful day!


What a beautiful day!


The sun is out. It is supposed to be warm today and the day looks promising!
I am still amazed about the changes in me and my new view.


Yesterday I sat outside with a glass of wine and was just observing my beautiful surroundings. Things are at a new level for me. Things have more depth to them. I feel amazing, I feel stronger, more free and independent. I just feel #unstoppable!


Which by the way is my new mantra since a couple of weeks anyways. So everything around me plays into my attitude.


If I am only taking the last 4-5 weeks and think about all the amazing things I was able to manifest starting from my travels to the US, weeks at the time in flow, interesting spiritual experiences, meeting more of my soulmate clients, skydiving and therefore jumping out of an airplane, going to Prague, getting my eyes corrected…. I am just in awe that this fits into such a short period of time? I am super grateful!


And you know Gorgeous, if you decide, commit and take action accordingly things happen. If you listen to your heart and your body and make decisions that keep you in flow, keep you into your power, your strength, you will up-level fast.


From that place of inner power, inner knowing you can basically do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.


And you know when you will have the breakthrough?
When you finally start to love and accept yourself just as you are.


I only learned about this concept some years ago. It did not even occur to me that this was something to think about or something I would need to practice.


The moment I embraced this concept things changed immediately for me.


People talked to me differently, people approached me differently, my income grew, the feedback I got changed. It was like being a totally different person.


First I was not really sure what changed but I was practicing self-love, self-care and self -acceptance and I noticed the shifts, the constant change, things improving, challenges disappearing, better things coming into my life. And all of a sudden I got the idea of it: I must have changed what I am sending out. I must have changed my energy. And wow! Did I like the “new” feedback.


So ever since I am practicing. This is not a one off. This is an ongoing change. An ongoing process of being more and more in your own power. Of stepping up! Of changing your energy and of becoming an energetic match to the things and people you desire in your life.


I would love for you to come on that journey with me. I would love to support you in leveling up, in shifting and changing.


I would love to see you to:


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!




PS: If this resonates with you, come and join my workshop…..
I am sooooooo excited! I have created a course just for you. I have learned so much over the last 18 month, I up-level all the time and I have taken what I have learned, what you have ask me, what I have coached my private clients on and I created this self-love workshop for YOU.


If you finally can step up and love yourself EVERYTHING in your live will be easier. You will learn to say YES to yourself and you can start to allow yourself to create the life of your dreams. It all starts with self-love. If you want to have more money, a better career, a thriving biz, better relationships with your partner, your children, your friends, your clients….IT ALL starts with Self-LOVE. Don’t miss this great opportunity and sign up NOW! Take action and say YES to yourself, if this resonates with you.


When: 2nd of September at 7PM CET, 10AM PST, 1PM EST.
HOW: Online in a private FB Group, Replay available and Q&A’s at the end or to be ask later in the comments.


The first 10 people signing up will get an amazing BONUS:
A Self-Love Meditation to dive in DEEP before we EVEN START.

Sign up here:


See you inside, Gorgeous!
Christine Schlonski


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