January 2

Welcome to the New Year, 2018!!!


Hi Gorgeous,

I hope you have had a wonderful start into the New Year 2018! May this year be prosperous, filled with bliss and joy and making your dreams come true.

I know some of you had a rough start by losing a loved family member or by deciding to go separate ways in their relationships. I am sending my love, prayers, strength and healing your way and know all will be well.

It is sometimes so difficult to comprehend life. We love to forget that it is all a cycle and coming and going is part of it. So while we are here and while we can we NEED to make the BEST out of it and the best moment is NOW!

In the NOW we can change, we can make new decisions, we can grow and step up.

All in all 2017 was a wonderful year from what I was able to see for most of my friends.
For me it was definitely a year of stepping up and stepping more into my own power, claiming it, owning it.

If you are on the fence of stepping into your power, now is great moment to do it. Only step in though if you are sure that this comes directly from your heart! You have all you need already inside of you, you might only not see it or have chosen not to see it.

Remember we all have fears, doubts, self-worth-issues and this at every level. I can assure you each single person you look up to has these challenges the difference is how they deal with it, how they have decided to show up to the world and how they have decided that their own BS is not going to be in their way. Faith and trust in your own abilities is key and the more often you use your gifts the stronger they will become.

I would love to see you thrive in 2018. Make it your best year ever. Make it count for you and for those people you want to serve, make a difference now.

Today I am using the day to map out my 2018. I write down what I want and how I want things to be. I am getting crystal clear, so decision making becomes easier for me. The only advice I listen to is from my heart.

And you know what?

I am freaking out looking at all of what I want to create. I am freaking out by the size of my vision.


I know if I don’t freak out, it is not motivating enough. It is not important enough. It will not make me live more and more into my potential.

And therefore I decided from that place that I want to reach. I asked myself, what would the version of me do who writes about 2018 at the end of 2018. What would she like to accomplish? Who does she want to become in the process.

the get your clarity, I highly recommend to get your journal out and start writing. Just write things down without judging, without answering the question if I would do that what would XYZ think of me…..? It is totally irrelevant. Important is what you think of you. How you live your life. If you are inspiring to others you will help them on your way, on your way to become a better version of yourself. Dare to step up and to step in. You already have it all and you can have it all.
You are a Masterpiece, you are special an important and yet we are all one.

Find a way to have more fun an bliss, success and money will follow.
Life is suppose to be easy and fun.

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!

Happy New Year 2018,

Christine Schlonski

Amazing and exciting News Joyce Stech, Colin MacLeod and I can support you on a 3 day deep dive retreat in Sedona/Arizona.
Sedona is known for the special energy that is flowing there. If you are familiar with Paulo Coelho, one of his books has Sedona in the story and describes the magic. Last summer I experienced this magic myself and so Joyce the host of KYA Bootcamp for the Soul, Colin and I decided to give that experience to you, kinda like a turbo booster having a retreat in that area. Working with you on your leveling up, stepping-up abilities, creativity and energy so you can live the life of your dreams. The 3 days with us will be magical, special and live changing. Joyce has done many, many retreats before and the 3 of us will help you to make your quantum leap.

Joyce is now able to offer a payment plan, so we can enable you to come and make it super easy for you to decide. Here is the link for you to check out.


Join us, give yourself this treat.
This is for you:
If you are ready to change.
If you are ready to own your live.
If you want to leave the victim mode and become the creator of your life.
If you want to be aligned and not only listen to your heart, but follow your heart.
This is for you if you deep down inside you know you have been born for more.
If you are tired to always compromise and do what others request you to do.
If you seek clarity and practical ways to integrate life-changing steps into your daily life.
If you are ready to step-up, be happier, more fulfilled, loving, relaxed and peaceful from within.

Join here:

If you have any questions let me know. 

Last but definitely not least, if you think working with me personally 1:1 will support you, send me a PM and we will have a chat of how that would look like. This will not be a coaching session, but it will help you to see clearly where you are and where you want to go. If we are a fit for each other we can go this way together. If it does not work out, you know what you can do to improve your life, your biz or your relationships. Either way it will be a win-win. Only condition for me to speak to you is: You are ready to change. You are ready to step up and live a life on your terms. You will do what it takes. You are ready to invest into yourself. You want to grow. You are ready to be more and have more.


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