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Do you want more Success in 2018? Here’s 30 Ways to Be Happy


Do you want more Success in 2018? Here’s 30 Ways to Be Happy – to get you started this year.

Hi Gorgeous,

The New Year has already begun. Have you thought about spending some time just thinking about ALL the new possibilities waiting for you this year? Wonder what 2018 will bring?


Let’s change that THOUGHT right now Gorgeous.

>> What can you BRING TO the New Year?
>> What are you WILLING to bring to the table?
>> What are you GOING to change this year?

To be able to answer these questions you need to know YOUR definition of success.
>> What does success look like for you? <<

Gosh, it seems so easy to caught up in the New Year resolutions.. It’s so easy to just take on board the ‘general definition’ of success right? You know what I mean – in short- my house, my car, my spouse, my bank account…..

We are all raised like that, well most of us.
We all run after the success and most of the time getting there just does not feel fulfilling….

So, what is is your OWN definition of success.
When you wake up in the morning what gets you out of bed?

Is it the I have to look on life?


Is it the “I freaking Want” to look on life?

What fuels you?
What brings you JOY?
What is it you want to do,love to do and can do for hours that makes your heart and soul dance and sing?

What is it that makes you feel whole, aligned and in flow?

Your answers are right there about your success. The more you understand it, the hold you have on it – it the better and you can even make a business out of it! Dreams do happen!

>>> Remember: Don’t allow others to limit you in what you can do. I have see so many businesses often solopreneurs who make a very good living, who make 6 or 7 figures by doing what the love, love, love.

You can have any type of business you want. Yes, you can have a Tarot Cards Business, you can can teach people creativity, you you can show them playing an instrument by ear, how to travel the world, how to save tax, how to sell, how to sleep better, how to meditate, how to dance, how to laugh, how to date, how to make money, how to heal, how to eat…. the list goes on and on and on.

The only people who limit us are us!
Because only when we allow others to limit us than they can.

You can do anything on your terms — I do not mean leave your job right now or do any crazy not well thought of move. But think! Think and Feel what would make you happy. Where you can accelerate and have massive, massive levels of success. At the end of the day it is only YOUR version of success that will make you happy. It is each minute you have lived in bliss and joy.

Get clear Gorgeous what is it for you. If you can, come up with at least 50 things that make you happy.

Here are some of mine (in no particular order):

-seeing aha-moments in others
-talking about mindset
-motivating others (by doing so I motivate myself)
-being in nature
-surprising people
-seeing smiles on peoples faces
-spend time with my loved ones
-showing up for people
-sharing my expertise
-calling in all that I want to call in and see that it actually works 
-meeting my soulmate clients and having the opportunity to work with them
-having conversations with like minded people
-coming up with ideas
-walking barefoot on mother earth
-being in the moment
-listening to the ocean
-having deep heart to heart conversations
-cuddling up with my dogs and cats
-spending time with my husband
-sitting on the beach
-watching a bonfire
-having a great meal
-taking a nap
-seeing sunsets and sunrises
-having a mango or raspberry sorbet
-listening to great music
-reading a great book (mostly self-development  )

What are yours?
Do you have a hard time to come up with so many?
The deeper you go the more you will discover. You might have forgotten a lot because you are so busy with what other people might think and what is expected of you.

One thing I can tell you is the more you stand in your power, the more clear you are what you tolerate and what not the more people will respect and support you.

They do not need to understand you but they can still love you and you can still love them.

Take 2018 to stand up for yourself. To create our life and to actually live it on your terms.

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!

Christine Schlonski

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