September 20

DO YOU want more MONEY to MAKE your dreams come true?


You know there are many ways to make more money, strive for your goals faster and live the lifestyle you want.

Serve MORE paying clients! 

Hi Gorgeous,

The other day I overheard a conversation where someone was saying that they just did not have the money to go on vacation….

Huh? I thought.
And then the conversation and the dream DIED.

I choose to NOT hang around with people who have these conversations.


For me, hanging around with people who ask themselves:
What can I do to get the money?”
“What can I do to make my dreams come true?”


Wouldn’t you rather hang around someone who thinks INSPIRING, UPLIFTING and SUPPORTING thoughts and helps you to reach your money goals faster?

Yes, you would.

Surround yourself with people who ARE abundant, LIVING abundantly and not from scarcity.
These conversations are so much fun and more POWERFUL!!

And MOST of all they help you question and lead you to finding answers and ideas to go for your dreams.

So, what is your way… Do you know?

The quickest way is to SERVE MORE people… if you are a heart-centered, soul-driven Coach, Healer or Creative you know that you have potential in the field of your own sales. 

>> You know that you are not fully stepped into your power and that you hold back. <<

I feel you!
I see you!

You have worked through so many things in your life and you overcame so many obstacles on your way to become a Coach, on your way to become a Healer and on your way to step into your creativity.

You are an expert in your field and you know it!
But somehow when it comes to sales you still shrink and you still choke when making offers to your ideal clients, to those people who need your support….

Deep down inside you KNOW that you were born for more and that your gifts are needed and transform lives. You know that you know 

Somehow it is ok for you if you are a Reiki practitioner to give that healing energy through you to your client, no problem.


BIG Block around receiving money energy back from your client and asking for what feels right for you.

Sometime ago, I myself had such a hard time receiving and I still work on opening up to receiving each day. It is so interesting to observe the first inner reactions and feelings coming up when receiving.

— I learnt the VERY hard way —
what it means if you give from your heart with total excitement, joy, bliss and expectations to see 1000% happiness in the face of the other person you are giving to and they only shut off , turn you down, turn around and can’t accept your precious gift.

I still feel the pain and disappointment thinking of this situation. It has been some years now and I did a lot of work around it already but the wound was very deep and is still healing.

Are you a great receiver?
Or are you only exceptionally good in giving. YOU are giving it all away….in giving away your dreams as well; because you’re receiving side is blocked?


Journal on how you feel when you receive. Imagine the last time you received something and write down how you felt.

Was there shame or guilt involved?
What was going on inside of you?

You need to understand!

One turning point for me was a story Tony Robbins tells:

Even when he did not have a lot of money when he was younger, he always would invite people for dinner. Once he was at a dinner with a very wealthy man and as always Tony wanted to take care of the bill. The man got really upset and asks Tony: “Do you want to rob me of the pleasure and joy of giving?”

I had never seen it like this before and I remembered immediately the painful situation in my life. That was when I understood that I really needed to work on my receiving side and that I needed to open up and to allowed.

The coin always has 2 sides, right?
If you love giving, learn to love receiving!

The fasted way to make your dreams come true is to serve more clients and ask for your price.
Do it today! Go out and have 3 conversations TODAY where you make an offer to your ideal client.


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!

Go to WORK!


PS. I’m so excited to be sharing my Sales Journaling Prompts with you. You WILL love them, they will help you change your mindset around sales and how FUN selling actually is. I LOVE sharing with you so you CAN make the MONEY YOU WANT and live the lifestyle you want!


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