July 8

Travel, Travel


Travel, Travel,

I am extra happy and excited today. I am sitting in the train just now on my way to see friends who are further away from where I live and tomorrow morning taking of to go to L.A.

I love to travel, I love to open up my mind, meet new people, see new things. Travel does expand my mind each and every time.

It is amazing to see all this beauty in the world, the different cultures and lifestyles. It is inspirational and I love it.


each and every time I need to make a decision. Sometimes my mind just doesn’t feel leaving home behind. Leaving what I know and with what I am comfortable with.

Each time I have to decide and the take action. Each time it works out despite some resistance.
Each time I get rewarded for the efforts, the time, the resources I put into traveling.

I am so happy to be sharing with you over the next days.

Stay tuned and know:

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


Do you choke when making your offer BUT your deepest desire is to serve and to stay HEART-centered? You can’t figure out how to FEEL amazing when making your offer and how to make it effortlessly and make the SALE with EASE and GRACE?

Then I am your woman!

Known as as The Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset, I show you that

Sales is LOVE

and that you can align your head and your heart and feel WONDERFUL when making your offer, confident, strong radiant, alive and vibrant.

With over 11 years selling and closing High-Ticket Live Events over the phone, I’ve become an expert at it. Consistently in the top of all sales staff globally I have made millions as a sales expert as well as team builder and trainer, I’ve learned what it takes to make offers and close the deal.

Everybody can learn & understand strategies. But I’ve seen over and over again that the biggest challenge most have is in how they FEEL when making their offer.

I help female, heart-centered, driven entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and creatives shift their mindset and feelings around sales. My background as an Integral Coach and E.F.T. Practitioner coupled with my high ticket sales experience, has given me the tools to teach and support you to get Big Sales Results by getting a SALES-SUCCESS-MINDSET.
With practice and guidance, you’ll make that shift from blocked and limited to knowing and confident. Making offers becomes fun and exciting. Owning your value, and the value of your work, you CAN sell with ease and grace, in total alignment, to get your special product and service into the world where it belongs.

If that is something you are looking for, let’s have a conversation and send me a PM now.

I only have 1 place available in Sedona and will only be there a limited time. So if this resonates with you and deep down inside you know that you want to FEEL amazing and win more clients at the same time, you want to bring your gift to the world, you want to shine and you want to eventually make more money and live your desire lifestyle, than do not wait another minute. STEP-UP NOW!


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