The Secret to your Sales Success.

How to transform your Sales Conversations into
Fun Conversations & convert your prospects into
happy paying clients.

Discover the one thing you are already doing well but not optimizing and how you can use this element in your business to transform your sales and bank account.

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Thursday, May 28th at 2 pm EST, 11 am PST, 8 pm CET


  • Why your Sales-Mindset still might be holding you back when you want to convert your prospects into happy paying clients
  • What a Sales-Mindset is and why it even matters.
  • Why you really need to transform your Sales-Mindset into a Sales-Success-Mindset 
  • How to look at sales through a different lens, so that you can have fun conversations and make offers with confidence
  • What it really means when you make a sale – and how to embrace it, rather than cringing when you make your offer.
  • Get inspired to give more and make more with ease
  • Learn how to have fun conversations and sell 

Who this is for?

  • for experts, accountants, service providers who really want to make a difference but feel uncomfortable selling
  • you still feel that just having to sell is in your way of doing your work
  • you want to get rid the stress that you feel when you think you HAVE TO sell
  • entrepreneurs who want to feel more confident when making offers
  • you give too much, too often and you have not much to show for in your bank account
  • entrepreneurs who freeze-up when asking their price and feel sales is something unnatural

About Christine:

People call me a multi-talented leader in Sales-Mindset, Motivation and Strategies.
With over 12 years experience in successful selling and closing High-Ticket Live Events over the phone in the corporate world, I've experienced all emotions during the sales process. 

I've figured out how to be authentic, true to my values and to actually enjoy the sales process and making millions in revenue. 
I am passionate to support you on your emotional sales journey,  by providing you with the tools and strategies you need to feel amazing and confident when selling.  

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