August 26

Total Gratitude


Total Gratitude


I am sitting here in my friends garden, the sun is out, we just had an amazing breakfast and I am full with joy and gratitude.


Gratitude is such a strong and uplifting feeling.
I look back at us where it all began, when we both met in our first semester starting out to study building our lives and setting up for the future.
And now we are here, years later and many, many experiences later, ups and downs later.


We so often forget to take a look of how far we have actually got.
Of how many wonderful things we have achieved. Of how many lessons we have learned.


Meeting up with friends that might live far away is always so wonderful. And you know if these are great friends, when it seems like you have just met yesterday. When is seems like there is nothing odd, nothing strange between you. When you do not need any time to adjust to each others company but you just are in each others energy and you know – you understand and you feel AMAZING.


I have the privilege for such a weekend this weekend. Another friend will be joining later.
When I woke up this morning and looked out of the window I could see how far we have come from that little classroom and the shared apartment to our own houses, careers, families, adventures, travel…. ALL of IT.


My heart is full of joy, bliss and gratitude.
I thought of what Tony Robbins says: Most of you overestimate what you can achieve in a year and underestimate where you can go in a decade!


If you have a moment of discontented. If you are in a place where you feel you are not far enough ahead, you have not achieved enough…. Take a deep breath, have a moment and turn around!


See how far you are away from the shore, how long you have been steering your ship! Remember the horizon – where you want to go – will always have the same DISTANCE from you and your ship BECAUSE it is the HORIZON! You can only measure how far you have got when you turn around and see how far away from the shore you are.


Wishing you an amazing weekend, filled with love and gratitude.




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