September 5

Time…. can you create time?


Time. Can you create time?


I am just learning that time might be an illusion. At least the concept we are learning. It looks like time is something linear. It looks like we can’t influence it and we depend upon it.


Which means that we either do not have enough or have too much time available.


The new concept I am learning is that: I am time.
Which I have not 100% understood and taken in yet but I am playing with the idea in my mind.


But I am kinda getting the idea.


When still studying one of my professors always said when people where late: Time is precious. I don’t wait and I don’t let wait. The reason your are late is because it is not a priority for you to be here on time. I always agreed, at least with that of his many attempts to teach.


I could see that if people were late it was not a priority. If you are keen you show up and most of the time you are there earlier because you can’t wait and you are too exited. But also I learned later on that different cultures treat time differently.


In Germany being on time is very important. So no matter if for your job or any other appointments or invitation you are on time.


When I lived in France I found out that being on time for a dinner invitation is actually not very polite. If the host takes up to the last minute with preparation she does not have time to prepare herself by freshening up, so if you want to be polite you are late at least 10-15 min!


Now with the new concept that: I am time. I need to decide what I want to do. Things I love to do will feel like I have only done them a short time but in reality I might have spent hours, while things that I do not like to do might take a short time but might feel like I have spent hours.


Do you see the difference?
I am sure you have experienced that. In my coaching for example time passes by so fast because I love coaching and I can do it all day long. While when I “have” to do technical stuff for my biz like setting up an email sequence it seems to take “forever”.


Actually it all is about how we FEEL about time and what kind of inner stress we put onto ourselves. When we are in flow and we know that things are working out because we are in the MOMENT with everything we have and with everything we are, when we are enjoying ourselves – time becomes irrelevant.


I have just experienced this phenomena during my last travels to the US. I had almost 3 weeks of FLOW, of living in the moment, of deciding from moment to moment, of going with my gut. It was an absolutely phenomenal, freeing, exciting and wonderful experience. Even though I did not know about the time concept back then, I lived it and I felt it.


Once you understand that you do not only create your live but also the time and the space things get interesting.


I would love your input on that topic and your experience.



Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!




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