June 30

The Secret Key to be UPLIFTED


Good morning Gorgeous,

Did you know that the Key to be uplifted is to uplift others?
Not sure if you are a coach, mentor, a healer who works with people on a regular base or if you have a different kind of background but I am sure you have experienced that an inspired conversation can uplift you, change your energy and vibe and make a difference in your day as well as you made in the other person’s day.

Having an interaction with someone and being in the position where you just pour into the person with love and no judgment opens doors and creates opportunities for each person involved.

When people are reaching out to me to let me know how I inspire them and how by just speaking my truth they are uplifted I feel uplifted.

I want to make that difference.

At the same time that I am uplifting and inspiring others, I am making the difference in my life.
I create my life. I set the course, I make the decisions just by writing my blog for example, by coaching amazing people (who might not see their potential) or by just interacting in a day to days life.

Each and everyone can make that difference.

A few key secrets I’ve learned are:
You can set your intention.
You give first.
You basically talk to yourself, right?
You remind yourself of what is possible, of what you want to see a change in your world, in you.

My wonderful host-mum who made my exchange student year in the US one of the best experiences I ever had, always said: “What goes around, comes around.”
When I am upset with something or somebody I hear her voice in my ear: “Don’t worry,” she says. “What goes around, comes around.”

So I ask myself:
What do I want to come around?

You can do the same Gorgeous. You don’t need to share it with the whole world, that is a choice but you can journal. Journal it out!

What do you want to have come around? And what do you need to make go around for that?
Who would you love to become?
If you can see the qualities you love in others who you look up to, who inspire you, you already have these qualities IN YOU, otherwise, you can not notice it in the other person.

Right now, you have the power to change who you are becoming and choose again.

Take out your journal and answer the question:
What do you need to make go around? What qualities do you admire in others? After you have done that, think of 3 things you can do TODAY to have better things come around for you!

To give you an example for me today:
1. Sitting down and writing a blog (doing it right now) to speak my truth. By doing that I need to be really conscious about the words I am choosing. Words create our reality. In this case, my own reality and I want that reality to be amazing, outstanding, blissful.
2. Being better at sharing my experience to show and inspire others to what is possible.
3. The finish of the Sales is Love Webinar – The Secret To Your Sales Success is
to Align Your Head and your Heart simply to serve coaches, healers and creates who are very much in their heart-space and who block themselves of making sales because they do not want to be a sleazy, pushy salesperson. There is another way of selling. I know that because I have been there. I have struggled for years and only succeeded due to willpower and hustle. When I was able to change my mindset, to drop into my heart space and to connect my head with my heart. All of a sudden selling was fun and easy and I could do it with grace. I want for you to experience the same, no matter if you are selling an idea, a product, service or if you “just” want to ask for a pay raise. Selling it the most important skill you can have to bring your gifts into the world.

Today is your day, now you can make changes, so grab the opportunity and start taking steps into the right direction, whatever that looks like for you.

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!


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