DAY 2 
Steve Werner

Turning Webinars on Their Heads:
How to increase interaction and conversion with shorter, story based presentations.

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About Steve

6 years ago Steve left his corporate job to change lives through live events and public speaking. He spent over 30K trying to hold his first event for 1500 people in 2014 and had 2 registrations and had to cancel. 

This caused him to dig in and master his craft, and since then has held 63 sold-out events for himself and clients, with more than 12M in sales. 

He focuses on helping coaches, influencers, and small business owners scale using story selling webinars, one to many sales presentations, and live events.

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What participants say about summits hosted
by Christine Schlonski 

Tracy Dobbins

ACC, mastersmalltalk

"Without any doubt, your Summit has raised the professional summit bar.

I have never seen so many fantastic speakers. They've enhanced my trajectory in the best of ways.

For several days during the summit I made a game of staying up till 2 am and 3 am binge-watching more and more of your world-class interviews. It was a blast.

Many speakers had messages that I was primed and searching for. (I love when that kind of kismet happens!) I’ve never gotten so much value out of a single summit.

Your vision for holding this summit has changed me moving forward.

Now you, and all those brilliant minds on your summit, are part of my amazing journey and mission. For all of that, I’m eternally grateful from the bottom of my heart"

Karen Beesley Venter

Business Coach

"Thank you so much for all the dedication you put into the amazing Summit.

I’ve signed up for several summits before, but usually lost interest quite quickly, finding other things to prioritize.  
This time, I watched at least one presentation (usually more) which I thought would resonate with me every day and found SO much value.

As a Business Coach who is starting out with my online program (launching soon and just started the scary sales process!), the timing couldn’t have been more opportune.

The fabulous speakers taught me that there are so many different strategies we can employ for the selling process.
I just wanted to give you some feedback and mostly appreciation as I know that sometimes we put tons of energy into things with little appreciation."

Deb Perez

Transformation Coach

"I just had to let you know how amazing I think your heart-centered lead generation summit was. It's much more than a summit. I really feel like it's a comprehensive course in lead generation that is so valuable for newcomers as well as experienced business owners. I've been studying online marketing for a while. I've done a lot of programs and yet I still got so much out of it.

You brought top names, experts in their fields and they generously shared their knowledge and guidance, and offered some excellent free gifts. And you covered such a wide, 360 degree approach to lead generation. You talked about getting referrals, speaking, Facebook ads, SEO, summits--so many different aspects of lead generation.

I was glad that I got the premium pass, because these are materials that I'm going to go back to. During the summit I took many pages of notes. But it's not quite the same as being able to go back to a recording or something that I missed. The premium bonuses were also great.
This is one of the most valuable programs that I have. Your price was very reasonable...too reasonable perhaps.

The summit was fabulous. Now I can't wait for your next summit. If this one is still available, I want to tell people to definitely get the premium access pass.
It is an entire course in lead generation that is current. These aren't old, rehashed presentations that people have been doing forever. These are experts who keep up to date with what's going on. Thank you!"

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