August 21

The Hustle Is On!


Do you love to hustle? You know hustle does not need to be difficult, heavy, draining and energy consuming.


Hustle can be fun, exciting and in flow. Because you decide! You choose your reality.


I always get kinda upset, when I get told don’t work so much, have a break, take some time off.


Well yehhhh, when I WANT to!


I make my rules and I do not expect others to understand that my hustle game is fun, exciting and from flow!


I do not do stuff in my business, coaching or mentoring that drags me. That sucks energy out of me. Why would I?


I only would, if I would believe that hustle needs to be hard and difficult and that things don’t work out for me.


So it is a decision.


When I want to take time off, I take time off. I ask myself what do I need right now. Do I need a nap, do I need to work out, do I need to have some chocolate….


I ask myself and then

WELL and THEN I am not just doing that! That is the trick.


Then I ask myself the next best question. Well if I want chocolate and a nap right now: How would I like to feel in an hour from now?


You know sometimes it is the nap and the chocolate 😉 but sometimes it is just finishing what I want to finish to be proud of my accomplishments for the day instead of knowing I had too much chocolate because I am one of those people who can NOT go with just one piece.


When I get started with chocolate I need more, really I NEED more and I want more. I mean it depends on the kind of chocolate and I am talking about the really, really good kind 😉


So, when you want to hustle, because it is fun and exciting and it comes with ease. Enjoy your hustle. Enjoy your game and the rules you make.


You are creating your life.


Yes, you can choose to relax by watching TV, that is fine. But if you did not write the show or if you are not in the show why are you wasting your time? Why would you want to watch others peoples lives and stories unfold in front of you instead having your OWN awesome experience and taste of life. I stopped watching TV ages ago, I never missed it. I watch a great move from time to time for inspiration and fun, but rarely….. I prefer scripting my own story.


You make your brain tired and lazy by watching TV, you allow pictures and news in your head that are not helping you, that might even worry you and keep you busy from living your life.


Do what feels good for you in a way where you create, in a way where you are the boss of your show, in a way where you can give back and contribute, with your money, time, insides….



One of the highest human needs is contribution. If you have never contributed before you will not know about the amazing feelings that come with it. About the joy when you see other peoples face lightning up, when you see their smiles, when you feel their happiness and joy. In reality contributing actually means giving to yourself, because these amazing feelings that you have when giving to others are priceless, are real, are wonderful and amazing, are what live is about.



Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


Start to create your life, your beauty, your rules and your world and have FUN doing so.



Christine Schlonski



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Christine Schlonski


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