September 14

The fall is arriving.


The fall is arriving.


For everything in life there is a season. I don’t know where you live but here in Germany we have spring, summer, fall and winter.


I love the sun and the warm temperatures. I often think that it would be great to have a house at the ocean where it is warm all the time, where the sun gives you beautiful light and tons of energy.


I guess I will have that one day. The day I really make a decision and this becomes a real desire. Right now it is a “nice to have kinda thing” and does not have the energy a deep and real desire has.


I do enjoy the seasons I have to say. In fall when the leaves are turning orange, yellow, red, when the air is crisp, when you smell the fall, when you start sitting at a fire place with real fire going on, when you start to enjoy tea and hot wine again.


In fall it is the time to reap. I hope you have seeded in the spring; you have waited all summer and watered your seeds so that you can now reap your rewards and in winter prepare for the spring.


Each season is special and awesome in its own way. Once we start to acknowledge that there are seasons, that it is smart to make sure you are in alignment, that you follow the laws of nature, then nature will support you and give you what you want and seeded.


If I would bring my seed out in fall, I would not reap in spring… I started paying attention to my actions. I started to follow the flow. I will follow nature and my heart. And that makes ALL the difference in life!


Here is just one practical example to all of you who need/have to/or want to win clients 

When you want to win a client there is also a season, your own special season with this client.
You will start a relationship at one point in time that is your spring. You will plant your seed of awesomeness and allow it to go in the heart of your potential client that is summer.
Sometime summer is a bit longer and the seed needs to grow longer be patient! But if you follow the laws of nature you know that the plant will grow and get stronger. You can let go of the outcome and can trust in the process.
Don’t pull on the plant, it is not growing any faster BUT it might die from your pulling. Give the plant your attention, speak to it, encourage it, sing to it, give your love and the plant will grow and become strong and have fruit for you in fall, when it is time to reap.


If you want to change your mindset on your feelings around sales I have something awesome for you! Grab my free Sales Journaling Prompts here:


Christine’s Sale Journaling Prompts


They will help you to see and feel sales differently.


Enjoy, have fun, let go of the outcome after you have decided and committed and



Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!




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