March 22

The Art of Quitting


The Art of Quitting to Try Harder

Hi gorgeous,

I hope you are having a great start into this weekend and you are busy to create a life you love and all the great emotions you want to feel.

I for my part slept in today and enjoy 2 coffees in the morning with a long and deep conversation with my beloved husband. Sitting on the couch with our 2 dogs around and our 4 cats was heaven for me this morning.

They are so peace full. Full of love and cuddles. We are a unit and a little tribe and I enjoy these moments so much, esp. when one of the cat raps herself around the snout of one of the dogs. This is peace, happiness and bliss for me. Just sit there an be. Be in that moment of life.


I am also very driven. I want to create, achieve, support, have influence and…… so much more that I do not get from sitting on my butt and watching what is going on around me.

So very often I start an internal debate in my mind…. I should start working now. I should write my blog. I should journal. I should start my day and be productive. I should, I should, I should….

AND GUESS WHAT! This is out of alignment! Out of joy! Out of love!


Finally around noon I went to my little office space and started journaling.
I journaled about alignment, about manifesting, about being me and enjoying my live along the way, about self-care and self-love.

After my journaling time, which I did very extensive today, I started to read. I read a book about manifestation. About letting go. About quitting to try so darn hard, to force it so much.

AND you know what?!
I know this stuff!
I know its about all our positive feelings that will help us to manifest. All the successful people talk about surrender and trust and faith and letting go.

So even when I am writing this it feels still a bit heavy, because I still feel I have “wasted” some time, but I know I have not, because the part of spending time with my family is so important to me. That is on of my big WHY’S. That is what I want. I want to do what I want, when I want, as long as I want, as often as I want and with whom I want! SO DARN! When do I finally get this?

So I decided to let go, today! I decided to trust, to surrender and to have faith, that the Universe/ God/ Source or whatever you want to call it, helps me, supports me and my only JOB in this life it to feel great as often as possible. (and to help others felling great- just a side note 🙂 )


Isn’t that amazing?
When you feel great, you achieve more!
I am sure you have noticed this on your path several times in your life.

When I feel great, I make more sales.
When I feel great, I am happier!
When I feel great, I have better memories.
When I feel great, I have an amazing energy.
When I feel great, people want to spent time with me.
When I feel great, I am much more loving.
When I feel great, my ideal client shows up.
When I feel great, I make awesome connections.
When I feel great, the right people show up in my life.
When I feel great, I see more opportunities.
When I feel great, its easier to take great decisions.
When I feel great, I look great.
When I feel great, I am more productive.
When I feel great, I am so much more bad-ass.
When I feel great, my humor comes out.
When I feel great, I have more charisma.

and so on and on and on!

So why are we not making sure that we feel great?!
It is not that hard, we only need to stop to try so darn hard and let go. Go with the flow. The flow takes us to our dreams.

I did not say stop the hustle and lay on your couch all day and you dreams will show up! NO!

I am talking about ALIGNMENT and INSPIRED ACTION.

I want you to feel great.
What do you need to do to feel great?
What thoughts do you need to think to feel great?
What feelings do you need to feel to feel great?

Sit down and write it all out. DO IT NOW! NOW IT THE BEST TIME!

If you can’t imaging feeling a certain way. Write out something like this:
I feel more confident each day. Just thinking about the fact that I could feel more confident brings me a feeling of relieve.
I already start to feel a bit better, thinking about the fact that I can just feel a bit more confident each day. I do not need to go from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds. I can take it easy, accept what is and just start my way. As long as I am moving, things will happen. Its like being in your car, you cant turn the wheels when you are not moving. Once you started to move you can turn to any direction.

Isn’t that a nice option. Go and try it out. You will love it. Keep at it the next 30 days and see what is coming up. You have all the answers within you, you just need to stop to resist and trying so hard for nothing.

It will all come!

Enjoy your journey.
I am proud of you that you are on your way. That you want a better life and that you dare to go for it! You are so amazing, don’t let anyone tell you you are not- it is not true!!!

Don’t forget:

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!



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