August 22

Who is your Super Hero?


Do you know this feeling when you are meeting your Hero?

I have to admit I did not grow up in the world of Super Heros like Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman or any other character… So I never wanted to be one of them.
But I do believe it helps to advance in life and to dream bigger if you have Heroes, characters you look up to, people you admire.

I was already working in sales and I was looking for a way to have a more meaningful life, wanting to fill the emptiness inside. I was ready to do what I had never done before and I started studying and reading books in the self-development field where I found my Super Heroes. All of a sudden the space was filled with inspiring people, high achievement, making the impossible possible, living freedom, being of service and making money to fulfill dreams…

One of my heroes is for sure Bob Burg. He and John David Mann made such a deep and lasting impression on my thinking that it changed my life.

The book they wrote The Go-Giver, a term I had not heard before, is still one of my favorite business books. It is written as a parable and it is a wonderful read with great teachings. When reading the book I knew in my heart that I was reading the TRUTH.

I felt it! And I loved the feeling. It reminded me of something I had lost, of something that I had given up on while I was busy managing my life and master my career.

I am sure you had one of these moments where you just knew that something was true and where you could feel it is still inside of you even though you had buried it deep inside.

It has been a while that I read the book, maybe 5 years ago. So about a year ago, I reached out to Bob to interview him on the Sales Mentality Makeover Masterclass an online event where we helped people with practical and spiritual steps to increase sales and create true wealth without losing authenticity.
I have to admit, I did not spend much time studying his website. I wanted to interview the guy from the book, the person who helped me find a piece I had lost. The person who helped me change without knowing it. I sent off my invitation to Bob to be a guest speaker on my first online event. I pressed send after taking a deep breath and reminding myself that the worst-case scenario would be a no or no reply at all. Only after I had sent the email I went back and checked on more details and going through his website…

I remember telling my husband that if I would have had a look at all of Bob’s accomplishments in detail before I probably would have not pressed the button “Send” on the email.

Long story short, I interviewed my Superhero. I remember how nervous I was.
I was totally fine speaking to CEO’s, Managing Directors, Company Owners at the Live Events I sold over the phone in my corporate job as a Sales Director for high ticket live events over the phone.
I remember not having any issues offering 40.000€, 67.000€, or 100.000€ and up packages but now…

Now my little inner voice bothered me with questions about my self-worth, about who I was to interview Bob. What had I to offer to the world? Who was I to think I could make an impact with this…and why should he say yes to being on my show at all?

Looking back it is quite funny to watch. To observe my belief patterns, my thinking and how I overcame these challenges.

After a pre-interview Bob agreed to be a guest at the Sales Mentality Makeover Masterclass. You can imagine my excitement. Today I am so happy and deeply grateful to say that Bob became a dear friend and that he values and supports my work. This is usually the pinch me so I know I am not dreaming moment…

I am so happy that back then I told my little voice to quiet down and to stop making it about me.

I started focusing on you.
Yes, you, my dear reader. I am here to serve and I make it about you. As you can read in The Go-Giver: “Money is the Echo of Value” As Zig Ziglar would say: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. “

As I am sitting here at the Pool Side of my hotel in Palm Beach, Florida in the United States of America. (because I can 😉 for me it is FREEDOM) and I thought about what I can do to make it special for you. How I can support your journey (after all #happypeoplemakepeoplehappy).

I had the immense pleasure to interview Bob again. This time it was not via Zoom.
NOPE, it was so much better!
This time we are sharing his wonderful backdrop and are both sitting in front of his bookshelf at his desk in his office.
Have a listen to our wonderful interview about how Successful People are Dealing in Truth right here: Live Interview Bob Burg

Success is about relationships.
If you are coming from your heart you will be able to connect on a much deeper level.
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Wishing you lots of success!
Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!


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