September 29



💥💥💥 !!STOP!!! 💥💥💥

Are you STILL asking why others succeed while you’re struggling..?

Hi Gorgeous,

I hear you!
I see you!
I feel you!
I’ve been there, too!

I have put in so much energy trying to understand the secret behind success. And when I first understood that it can come easy I could not believed it. And my mind went into resistance. But then I thought I’ll give it a “try” and BAM – it did work…
What can you do?

Learn to CHOOSE.
Learn to DECIDE.
Learn to COMMIT.

AND, see it as DONE.
THEN: let go of the outcome.

You’re thinking this sounds so simple to do until you actually do it yourself. Resistance kicks in; your old beliefs pop up like (mine):

“You have to work hard for your money”
“ Success does not come easy”
“Money does not grow on trees.”


Well, you need to drop these limiting beliefs — for GOOD –.
Gorgeous, they are just holding you back. Why should it not be easy and fun to be mega successful?

Why does success have to look a certain way and yet when you start observing people you are looking up to, they all make their rules and they all have different models of success.


Because they decide. It is what they want!
They have the clarity, the confidence and the conversion. They are converting their thoughts and dreams into reality on their terms.

Interesting? Well, yeh!
If they can do it, you can!

Everything is possible as soon as you decided to live in the land of possibility and expansion. As soon as you decide to open up, to allow better thoughts, to kick your limiting believes to the curve, to go for better habits, you will transform your live.

The question is: ARE YOU READY?


IF your soul says YES, if your heart says YES!
Type “READY” in the comments below.

Remember: Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


Christine Schlonski

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