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Stay calm, keep it simple


Stay calm, keep it simple


When being in a stressful situation I find that the best way is to keep calm and keep it simple.


I have learned over the years that when you go into a panic mode you not have access to all your resources inside of you.


I can always notice in myself that I do not breathe deep enough and that I have this anxious feeling rising in my body.
When I go back to relax starting with deep breathe and concentrate on centering myself I can feel the pressure lifting a little bit.


At least that is always a beginning to turn things around.


Another wonderful thing to do in edition is to remind myself, that I already have all the answers inside of me. That I only need to start trusting that I will say and do the right thing at the right time.


It is a bit like intention setting and I found that this is the magic. Deep breathing, centering and going back into trust that you have all you need and that your inner guidance system will always work and support you.


I so often get the feedback on how calm and balanced I am. There was definitely a time when I was not calm and balanced. This was a process I learned, I taught myself.


When you start freaking out or when you allow yourself to feel too much pressure than you are not able to have access to your whole thinking power.


So make sure you choose your thoughts wisely and you make sure you are in your best state possible to access all your resources.

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!



PS: If you feel that inner panic rising when thinking of making an offer to your ideal client than:

I am your woman! 


Known by many as The Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset, I help heart-centered coaches and creatives to feel amazing when making offers. I help them to make offers with confidence and a sale with ease and grace. So FINALLY, FINALLY you can make the money you want to make and have the lifestyle you dream off.


Sales always comes first! Without selling you don’t have a business- you have a hobby.
To help you shift your mindset I have created Christine’s Sales Journaling Prompts to help you shift your Sales-Mindset for you.

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