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You’re going to learn a ton from Christine Schlonski
- How to create a collaborative rather than an adversarial dialogue with a client.
- Ideas for coping with stress and getting in the right mindset
- Techniques for introducing levity or humor into business situations.
- And much more…

Learn about the sales power formula and debunk the mindset of sales being sleazy and slimy. Understand how you can sell, be authentic and discover that it all starts within. 

But it won't stop there. We go all the way discovering why the more you say NO, the more you can say YES.

Tina Leder AKA The Conscious Closer™ interviewing
Christine Schlonski AKA The Queen of Sales-Success-Mindset

Tina Leder

A beautiful cosmic conversation about lovingly learning how to sell your services and products in your own authentic way from your special caring heart.

Meilin Ehlke

In this episode of #StreetCredLive Gorana talks to Christine Schlonski, The Queen of Sales Success Mindset. Christine helps her client sell with ease and grace.

Gorana Angert

Rob Anspach interviews Christine Schlonski on mindset, showing up and her HeartSells! Podcast

Ignite Your Value Heart Sells! with Christine Schlonski

Raven International TV Network

How to Sell Effectively High-Ticket Products & Services In this conversation with Christine Schlonski, we talk about what most mistakes salespeople do when making an offer and how you can sell more effectively as well as meet your clients’ needs and desires.
Safaa Nhairy

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You LOVE what you do but hate the selling part?
You need a top coach and sales strategist to help you to add to your bottom line, to convert sales in a conversation without feeling salesy, pushy or sleazy and with asking your price while staying in your heart and true to your values, a High-Ticket Sales Expert to grow your business?