July 19

Sometimes you don’t know where to start!


I have been in a very, very special place the last days. I have tapped fully into my power and I allowed myself to be in FLOW 24/7.

One of my amazing mentors @Kat has told me: Never break FLOW!

I do not think that I have EVER experienced deep Flow for that long. I am not really hungry, I am not really tired, I am full of energy, joy and bliss. Each and every single decision was a question of:

Does this FEEL good?

YES or NO!

And maybe was a no. Simple as that.
Saying YES to life.
Saying YES to who you are at your core!
Allowing to flow, to go the path with least resistance.
To allow to see you the beauty around you.
The beauty and potential in people.
The beauty in nature.
The beauty to say things that come up for you.
The beauty to allow and hold the space for the other person in the conversation.
To see them grow.
To see them touched.
To see them change.
To allow yourself to OWN that space that you have created with your gifts and talents.
To allow things you might have taken for granted or thinks you might have forgotten about or you have avoided for years BUT now


It is time to unleash, to unravel, to unpack.

IT IS TIME to Step-Up.
IT IS TIME to make the change and the difference in your life and in the life of people you are touching.

Each and every person we interact with has a message for us. There is always a message and you need to allow yourself to give your message to others. Allow them to see through your eyes. Allow them to see your potential, your beauty, your gifts, your CORE!

Allow the world to see your authentic you.

You know this saying Gorgeous?

BE YOU, cause anybody else is already taken.

You might have the same massage as 100 other people BUT the way you present it, the way you touch people will make the DIFFERENCE.

Look at yourself for a second. So many times you might have heard the same thing over and over and over again.


then one day one mentor comes along and all of a sudden the same massage that you have avoided for years is crystal clear, is extremely powerful, is so present that you wonder where the message was for all of your life.

The difference it that you have resonated with that person and all of a sudden everything is effortlessly, easy, light and you get it!

So Gorgeous, get it NOW!

See your beauty, see your are a Masterpiece, see that you are special and that only you can play the drum in your fashion, that only you can play the flute your way with you magic, that only you can jam the violin and make beauty and magic in that moment, that only you can teach that way, that only you can write that way.

It is time that you take ownership of who you are at your core and shine!

You have a message for someone. With your touch you will change someones life forever. Even if you never find out about it.

Inspire, uplift, give, love.

And don’t forget:

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


For a moment of peace and focus here is my free gift for you:


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