August 4

So it SHALL be!


So it SHALL be!
Do you believe that if you believe then it will come true?
Do you believe in the power of believing?

You know I used to be much more rational. I used to put all kinds of arguments in place why something would work and why not. I used to figure out the “how to” before I got started….

Well that was quite some time ago!

I decide! I believe that it works out and I have faith. I hold a space for the thing that I want to have true in my life. I give that energy space. I return to that energy again and again and again and I do not think about the HOW TO anymore.

The HOW will show up. For sure!
You know when you set out on your journey you are at a certain level and when you got what you wanted your energy has changed. You became a different person to the person who set out on that adventure. You will grow into that person who can have what you want BUT you have to hold the space, you have to be willing to shift and transform. You have to be willing to do the work with whatever shows up for you.

There is no way that you can map out your journey all the way before you start and then just follow it step by step. The universe does not work like that.

I am sure you have tried to do that step by step approach. I thought you need to know everything before and it probably did not work, right?

I know because for me it never did. Setting an intention and being open to what shows up and work with that always has a miracle within.

I can give you an idea of how I created a new reality with only one SINGLE thought that I spoke out loud and clear only one time only to return to that thought and to change to course of my life with ease 3 years later.

When I was still in school my mum had the idea that I could apply for a scholarship to spend a year in the US as an exchange student.
Well, I liked the idea and I decided to apply. I think it was more her desire for me to go than mine but in this case I am very grateful that I took her desire and made it my own.

My mum helped me with the application process. We spent quite some time with the work and answer questions about my motivation and why me and all this stuff…. My English at the time was not the best. Good enough to make some A’s and B’s in the German school system but for sure not good enough to survive on my own in a far away country.

Well to make a long story short. I applied, I got the scholarship, not the full one I wanted but it made it happen so I could go and I had one of the best years ever! A year full of adventure, love, fun, friends. I treasure every moment till today.

Anyhow, I remember the moment when I was sitting at my desk and I was filling out the application and I talked my mum:
I told her: You know what I go to the US NOW and when I come back and finish school in Germany I will go to Paris and learn French as well.

I still feel that energy and see myself sitting at my desk when I said these words. I said them with high, fun and playfully energy.

So three years I did not really think about Paris or learning better French but when the time came I just automatically had everything aligned. I knew where to send my application to. I had people in my life recommending me the things I needed and I could not even think so fast and was already on my way to Paris!

Wow, one thought that entered my brain by just fooling around, from having fun, from seeing the potential and from wanting to feel good and play and have more adventure.

Can you imagine that your whole life would work like this?

How amazing would that be?

Did you experience something like this in you life?
If, yes please share. I want to motivate you to go for your dreams. To go for what shows up when you are in a playful, joyful state and you don’t think about the HOW. You ONLY have an idea to act upon and then your life will change completely. One desire in your heart that makes its way to your brain and you say it out loud. ONE, only one! And life will never be the same.

So Gorgeous remember always:

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!

You’ll never know what a single thought can do for you. So it SHALL be!


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