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Great Self-Care helps you to Sell more and from the Heart


Great Self-Care helps you to Sell more and from the Heart

Hi Gorgeous,

Happy Sunday! I just got back from a 4 weeks trip to the USA and re-entering Germany, settling in at home, finding my rhythm and battling jetlag. This made me think even more how important a great self-care routine is.

The better we feel the more we sell.

Here is my latest episode on Heart Sells! Podcast: Ep. 125 Better Sales Through Self-care – variety Friday with Christine Schlonski (

The month of September is all about what successful people do to be so successful and one thing is self-care.

Think about it like this: If your cup is already empty because you are burning the candle on both ends, how will you give? How can you support others?

The difference you will make depends on how many people you help to achieve their dreams.
The more people you serve the more your business will thrive and if you are in alignment and have the right strategies, right pricing, right packages, right clients…. the more your clients are supporting you making your dreams come true.

So here is the thing:
When you are tired, frustrated, worried, stressed, burned-out and you don’t know where your next client is going to come from you are in a state that does not attract.

Usually, we think we just need to work harder!
But that is not true.
We need to work smarter and we need to take great care of ourselves because this will change our vibration.

Our future client can feel our vibe. They buy your vibe, your energy first and then your product or service.

This means when your self-care sucks because you feel like you do not have time, you work way too many hours a day and you worry way too much your clients will feel it and smell it from afar which eventually will push them away cause people want to work with winners.

This does not mean that you need to be perfect; this does not mean you need to pretend your life is only wonderful and happy and you never have weak moments. NO!

There is no such thing as a life that is always perfect.
There is always something to level up to, to change, to learn, to solve, to overcome…

All your clients want to see is that
you already have what they are looking for
you are real and authentic
you value yourself
you take good care of yourself
you love yourself

Because if you can’t value and appreciate you how can you value and appreciate them?

Make time in your busy schedule and appreciate yourself. Take care of yourself by doing things that make you happy, that put a smile on your face, that make your heart sing.

These can be simple things, they don’t need to cost anything but if they do, see it as an investment into yourself, into your vibration, into your happiness, into your relationships, and into your business.
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So here are some ideas for you:

💞 buy yourself some flowers
👑 call the friend that usually lifts you up
💞delete 3 numbers in your phone book of people who do not bring joy to your life (or delete more numbers if you have to but 3 is a good start if you have never done this before)
👑 look through your bookshelf and find a book that you love, that inspires you
💞treat yourself with going to the spa
👑 have a hot shower or take a bath with your favorite bath salt
💞go for a walk in nature
👑 mediate
💞listen and/or dance to your favorite music
👑 watch a great movie
💞 take a nap
👑 take a cold shower in the morning
💞do breath work to make sure you are opening up and fuel your body
👑 treat yourself with something special to eat or drink that is usually not on your shopping list. Maybe you go with the more expensive fruit that you usually skip do to budget
💞 cuddle your animal if you have or your neighbor’s cat or dog
👑 read the testimonials people have given you for your work
💞 give someone you value a rating or review on their work may it be their book, their podcast… do something that lifts someone up
👑 journal 5 things you are grateful for…
💞 work out
👑 have a really nice dinner that you prepare and that is healthy and yummy. Don’t forget to light candles and use beautiful napkins for the special touch.

I am sure once you get started there is so much more you can do and you will come up with your own ideas.
As you are going into your next week, plan and schedule at least 5 self-care activities and commit to them to make sure you are taking the time you need to put them into your calendar as an appointment and do not skip over them!

You will be amazed by what will happen when you start to value yourself more. When you start going for your dreams more and more. When you start stepping up and leading with your heart and selling from your heart. BUT remember: It all starts with you.

Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!
Today is the day and now is the time you can take the action that needs to be taken to create your dream life and business.

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