Did you notice that when you are fearful you dim your light?
Did you notice that when you stand in your power you shine bright?

You are heart-centered, soul-driven coach, healer and creative.
You know you are amazing. You have amazing conversation with clients about amazing things. Your gifts shine through and you feel your power, your expertise, your uniqueness…..

And when your client asks you “what it would look like to work with you…” you see your energy shift, you don’t find the right words, you don’t know the price for your services or even how to package what you do.

Now, you feel fearful and uncertain.
You feel like choking or are you choking in sale?

💫 [Secret Sauce] 💫

Power lies in certainty.
Certainty and power give you a magnetic personality. It draws people in. It fascinates people and people want more of you and your gifts.

The great news is that you can learn to stand in your power. You can learn to make offers with confidence. You can have wonderful and exciting feelings when having a sales conversation with your ideal client.

Here are 5 Things to get you started:

– allow yourself the thought that making offers and making sales can be fun and exciting
– understand that you are always selling at any time anyway & do that daily
– know your perfect client (because they are YOU) and know what exactly they need, that you can provide to be of the highest service to them
– know the transformation the clients have when working with you. Really see what you are providing, awesome your work is and life changing this is to them even when it come totally effortlessly to you
– practice your worth. Turn within and search for the perfect number for the price that feels amazing to you, for what you really want to charge.

>>> Don’t go for what you think you have to charge or what others charge in your field…..go for what your heart tells you… The right price will come to you.

If you do find yourself stuck, JOURNAL. Journal on the above, ask yourself questions = CLARITY.

Then practice.

Practice changing your mind. Letting go of limiting beliefs.

Step into your power each day a little bit more.

All changes happen one step at a time! So don’t get stressed that you have to have it all right now. Allow yourself time. The more aligned you are the faster you will manifest.

I love questions. Ask me what you LOVE to know below and I’ll answer!

PS. I’m so excited to be sharing my Sales Journaling Prompts with you. You WILL love them, they will help you change your mindset around sales and how FUN selling actually is. I LOVE sharing with you so you CAN make the MONEY YOU WANT and live the lifestyle you want!

Christine Schlonski

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