August 27

Say what YOU want!


I am enjoying a great weekend with my friends here in the south of Germany. It is beautiful, the weather is great, spending time with them is fun. And I am enjoying to observe.




Well, both of my friends have very small children and I am fascinated how they get what the want.
I mean not really the fact that they get what the want but how the whole thing works that we adults seem to have forgotten.


Children are so very capable to express their needs. They seem to know EXACTLY what the want.
They are not running on adult programs of what you SHOULD do, what you SHOULD have, what you SHOULD like, what you SHOULD ask for, who you SHOULD be.


They just express what they want in that very moment with words or without and they are persistent.


And most of the time the end up getting what they want.


Why is it so difficult for some of us to KNOW exactly what we want in the first place and then ASK for it in the second place and GO for it in the third place?


For me, it took quite a while to get really clear on what I want. I did know what I did not want most of the time but I was not able to express what exactly I wanted.


Interesting looking back.


How about you?


If I would ask you right now: What do you want?
Can you express yourself unapologetically and precisely?


Can you?


I know that I am getting better and better in the process. Because I am asking myself over and over again. Tuning in, asking my heart what would feel aligned. What is a HELL Yes and what is a NO. I do not want to go for MAYBE anymore.


I want that energy, that power, that strength that comes with only going for what you truly want and getting it.


Expressing yourself clearly and asking can be so amazingly powerful. Because you’ll discover that it actually works. Sometimes of cause it does not work, but if you keep going something else, something maybe even better will work out.


The most important factor is that you are aligned and that you go with your desires, with your heart.

That is where the magic starts.
Tune in!
Ask yourself all the time of what feels great, what is you and what is your truth.
Articulate in better way. Say what exactly you want and need.


Stop the guessing game. Nobody can you ready in your eyes.
You need to express yourself if you want to make sure to get exactly what you want.


Start that new experience.
Go for your dreams!


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW.





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