September 21

Sales is Love!



To sell means relationship building.
Sales is Love!

Hi Gorgeous,

Do you want to sell more?
Simply, build more and better relationships.
Give before you receive.

The richest people on the planet have built the best relationships. That is why they are rich! They are rich and wealthy before the money comes in or in other words usually, the richer a person is in life in regards to relationships the more money they receive when they are out to monetize their gifts. There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire success story. It is all about people and relationships. I have seen that over and over again.

If you truly care about people, if your intention is to really, deeply connect your world will change.

I remember making this change in my life. Years ago, I read a wonderful book called The Go-Giver by my now great friend Bob Burg and John David Mann and I was not only drawn into the beauty of the story, but I also did not just love the writing style, I was into the teachings. The book touched something deep inside of me, something that I was caring within but not expressing or allowing in my life.

I was thought to toughen up, I was thought all the things you can do to make a sale happen and I was thought to focus on myself and my wins so that I could learn to be a winner.

And I wanted nothing more than to win. I wanted success. I was hungry for success; I was hungry to “make it”. I was hungry to get recognition; I was hungry to be the best…

I am still hungry today, just in a very different way. The book the Go-Giver has given me permission to try out a simple concept that I knew to be true all along. It is to give first. To be open, to connect, to focus on bringing value to the world.

I remember consciously sitting down one day and thinking to myself: I love you! Before picking up the phone to call a stranger.
What a concept. I was so scared. It felt so weird.

Just as a side note, Germans don’t run around like Americans and telling each other all day long “I love you”, this was a very new concept for me and something very difficult to do. The simple words “I love you” seem to be so very impactful, big and committing that still today, this does not come easy over my lips even though I mean it. Sure, I can say it to my hubby 😉 but to anyone else…uffff… and now to a stranger I haven’t even met or ever talked to… what a thought!


It was truly MAGICAL!

By having this thought before the call, I opened up to possibility. I set an intention; I knew I was making the call to give.
Give it a try Gorgeous. Set the intention to connect and to build a relationship that you truly care for. See what happens for yourself.

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Wishing you lots of success!
Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW!

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