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Sheryl Bernstein
Video Coach & Presentation Director

Ask to provide feedback about the Heart Sells! Smart Start, Sheryl decided to give a testimonial about Christine and what she has learned and witnessed over the last three years.

Full Client Success Interviews

Birgit Kaps

Twin Flame Coach and Consciousness Mentor

" Deciding to work with Christine was not an easy one. But when I talked to her I felt a genuine interest in supporting me to get my business to the next level.
All I can say is, I am so happy I said YES. I was not in a comfortable place in investing in 1:1 coaching but knew I needed support to get to level-up and
I was tired of not serving the people who needed my support and of not making the money I desired to create the lifestyle of my dreams only because
I could not sell with ease and ask my price confidently owning my worth. I had checked out several coaches before I came across Christine.
I loved her content and energy and decided to have a call with her to see what she could offer.
Even though I ended up investing slightly more than I would have with the other coach I am super excited and happy I said yes to myself.
I went from 3.000€ to 20.000€ in only 3 short months while taking off 4 weeks for travel. I believe connecting to Christine's energy field made it possible to receive more.
After I said yes and made the payment but before we even started coaching I added new clients to my business.
Christine always helps me to see my own potential, to see the possibilities and a much bigger picture.
I was able to take a 4 week trip to Africa (get paid for it) and I am so confident now when selling that I even sign up clients when I do calls from the airport or while traveling.
Sales became so much easier, it is fun and I started to make great money.
This is amazing! Christine's heart-centered approach to selling, her strategies, her ways of helping me see a bigger picture and stepping into my next best version is amazing.
I am always looking so much forward to our next session because I can feel my growth, I can see my revenue increasing rapidly and I can only think to myself, WOW! What else is possible?
I love the impact I am making, the programs she helps me to design, the strategies she teaches me that are aligned with my core and my new confidence when I am making offers to my ideal clients.
I would never have thought that I will grow so fast and that I actually have something to show for all my hard work.
Thank you so much, Christine. I can highly recommend everyone working with you if they wanted to make a bigger impact and get their business to the next level.


Jeff Borschowa

CEO of Get It Together Masterminds

"I am grateful to have had the privilege of working with Christine.  
She very graciously agreed to present “The Secret To Your Sales Success” to my audience of accounting professionals.

Christine shared her “Sales Success Mindset” and it really resonated with me. 
My tribe found it highly informative and thought-provoking.  
Full disclosure, they are accountants, so I don’t think many actually took action on the brilliant information presented.  However, I took it to heart and found it very useful.

My biggest takeaway was the distinction between traditional selling and heart-based selling.  

I actually teach business development skills to accountants, including both marketing and sales strategies.

During Christine’s presentation, I realized that I had been treating sales like a theoretical separate thing, a series of “to do” items.  

For me, sales were academic, like commenting on a chess match.  

You make certain moves to counter the other person’s moves, and there is usually a winner and loser.  
Christine made me realize that I should be internalizing sales and focusing on building a relationship first.

I did a presentation to 50 professionals in my ideal market in February.  I deliberately focused on my “aha” from Christine.  I focused not on what I wanted to present (to make a sale) but on what the audience needed to learn.
I focused on delivering great value and building connection during the presentation.  I invited those who shared my personal values to join me.  I was deliberately open and vulnerable.

The result?

I was like the pied piper with my ideal prospects.  
For the rest of the conference, I had a group following me everyone (some even into the bathroom).  AND, I have a couple of raving fans who went off to find other ideal prospects for me to speak too.  
It was by far the most productive speaking engagement I have ever had.  
I did group strategy sessions at the conference and closed eight new clients while still at the conference.  
I had several hot prospects to follow up with post-conference.  
Each prospect closed is worth at least $500,000 to my business over the next three years.

Next step will be to get my accountants to lead with their hearts!  Thank you Christine!"

Katarzyna Dorosz
Issue: Having difficulties with making offers and feeling good when making the offer and showing up consistently to reach his audience. 
Process: Mindset shift from Sales-mindset to Sales-Success-Mindset, understanding her own value and how to put her heart first and then the money
Result: Paradigm Shift. Feeling happier, aligned with her mission, confident and good about making offers. 

Cindy Kerr

Radiant Health by Divine Design™

" I have been blessed to work with Christine Schlonski as my Sales Success Mindset Coach.
Christine has given me an energetic safe-space and her well-honed decades of sales expertise.
She has provided the necessary “hand-holding” for me to combat my own insecurity to confidently create and present my offers to clients. She has helped me honor my own uniqueness in how I want to present my business and yet what she teaches are principles of success mindset transformation that apply to ANY business or person – no matter how different or special you think your business is!
She has shared and taught me how to implement practical business building tools and marketing tools to help me tangibly present myself and my business. However... as helpful and essential as those things are, her greatest strength has been in working with me holistically. Her ability to energetically understand the workings of my business coupled with her confidence in my ability to succeed has resulted in me also seeing myself with more confidence, clarity, competence to learn new things without resistance and most importantly – congruence with my mission to teach and serve. She has patiently nurtured me in this inner growth and she has also kicked my butt to show me I am capable of doing anything my heart inspires me to achieve! I am so grateful she has taught me how to make my offers fearlessly!
I share vulnerably with those of you who are specifically involved in wellness, healing or coaching, that no matter how good you are at your craft, if you cannot create and confidently make an offer that will actually transform someone's life and which compels them to pay you, you won't be able to properly support your vision of service to others. Christine can truly help you with this sales success mindset aspect of your service-based business. Work with her!  You'll find her to be an incredible gift you give yourself and your successful business!"

Sheryl Bernstein

Creative Muse

" Thank you Christine Schlonski for being my 'client' on my practice Strategy Session.  Christine was an IDEAL client...AND her expertise happens to be selling large programs!!! So she was very adept at hearing and feeling my call 'journey'. And I got incredible feedback and tips. my energy AND my voice shifted and I completely changed from my 'heart centered, loving, possibility-filled, uplifting coach' the 'Hurry In Today Carpet Mart Salesman' when it came to my offer. HAHAHAHA!! Prices have been slashed!!!!"

Dr. Sarica Cernohous 

Queen of Weight Optimization

" Christine's ability to cut through the "noise" of various actions, choices and subsequent outcomes in a person's life is uncanny.... Her capacity to get directly to the issue at hand allows her to help her clients see clearly the places where they are struggling so that they can overcome these issues and get on with the life they wish for but continue to miss because of their behaviors and beliefs. I cannot speak highly enough of the sacred space she creates and holds for the people fortunate enough to work with her. If you are looking for someone to illuminate the dark places in your life and behaviors so you can move beyond them into the life you hope for, working with Christine will be an invaluable tool to get you there."

Melissa Acuna
Family & Peaceful Parenting Coach 
Feedback on Heart Sells! Smart Start and working with Christne Schlonski as Coach. 

Michelle A Carlson

Feedback on Heart Sells! Smart Start with
Christine Schlonski as Coach. 

Caroline Minelli
Marriage Saver

“This is absolutely phenomenal. I have only worked with Christine for one session so far. When we started I was not very confident about my offer, not very clear about the value I provide and my mindset was defiantly not a Sales-Success-Mindset.
During the session we uncovered some blocks and hidden believes and Christine helped me to transform them. It is unbelievable.
I am a heart-centered entrepreneur and I do not want to feel pushy, sleazy or like a scam. Christine helped me to see and own my value, to put together an offer that had tremendous value for my potential client and that is at a price point where I would feel amazingly rewarded when someone says yes to it. 
I could not believe when I went out to see a client 2 days later. I followed Christine's advice and the client said YES. What was even more impressive they said yes at my price point for a high-ticket offer at 2.000 USD. I have never ever sold my services at this price point. Instead I always over-delivered and undercharged. This is the first time the sales conversation with the high-ticket offer felt authentic and fun to me and I was able to do it with ease. I am so grateful that I invested with Christine. Thank you!” 

Nina Sadlowsky
Results Coach
about Heart Sells! Smart Start and working with Christine Schlonski 1:1 as a Coach.

about working with Christine Schlonski 1:1 as a Coach.

Ricarda Droop
Women Empowerment Coach
about Heart Sells! Smart Start 

Ursula Böckl
Creative Selfcare Coach
about Heart Sells! Smart Start 

Colin McLeod
The Celtic Fiddle Guru

Issue: Having difficulties with making offers and feeling good when making the offer and showing up consistently to reach his audience. 
Process: Mindset shift from Sales-mindset to Sales-Success-Mindset, understanding his own value and how to navigate in a sale environment- 
Result: Greater understanding to be himself, feel good about making offers, enjoying conversations with ideal clients

Sherris Cottier Shank
Owner of Gemscapes

Issue: Having difficulties with sales, making offers and feel good when making the offer
Process: Mindset shift through opening up a space inside of her. It turned out that there was a deeper layer and a deeper resistance for her to be successful
Result: Deeper issue cleared, resistance gone and Sherris achieved a greater understanding to be herself, feel good about that and that making offers is like any other good conversation. 

Colin MacLeod

Celtic Fiddle Guru

“The insights provided by Christine were amazing and produced several key AHA moments.....
I realized that I needed to acknowledge the value that my gifts brought to my clients.
And in order to grow and serve more client in a much bigger way, I had to let go of a Mindset which no longer supports me.
And it was something I definitely needed to do, like NOW!
Christine has helped me to achieve this change of Mindset with her Sales P.O.W.E.R. System. 
Thank you Christine for creating a holistic view of sales and frames sales in such a way that I actually now enjoy having the conversations to see where I can be of service to my current, future and potential clients. 
This is truly Sales P.O.W.E.R. 
I can stay in my heart, make offers with much more confidence and make a sale with ease. 
Before I did not really know what I was doing and NOW I have a structure where I am able to align my head with my heart and know that I am serving more by selling more and that there is a way to actually enjoy the sales process. 

Dr. Peter Fricke, MD

Issue: I didn't want to come across as salesy or pushy or sleazy when selling. That is not my style.
But I did not know where to start.

Process: We came up with the exact words of how to approach my ideal clients. The logical and emotional part, put it in a strategy and package. 

Result: After the VIP-Day, I walk out with the exact words for the emails and videos. (full strategy applied) We already took the video today and after months of struggling how to do this the one day with Christine made all the difference.

Lisa Sanfilippo

QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

" Christine's knowledge and skills in the area of sales are remarkable! Especially during our role playing session together, she offered great insight and feedback on how to make my offer with confidence, ease, and grace while simultaneously owning my value and the transformation I offer. With her help, I was more confident in increasing the investment price of my programs so that they truly reflect the value of the services offered. Through following her work, I love and appreciate how she provides complementary concrete and tangible strategies combined with her teachings on energy work, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, mindset mastery, and how to manifest our desires to achieve professional success. She really is the Queen of the Sales Mindset!"

Daniel Rees Morgan

Fulfillment Coach

" Christine's style of coaching is perfect. She will put you in a state of calm right from the opening so you are feeling from your heart and your deepest truth. She won't accept any BS and will be very straight with you, getting you to see your blind spots which will help you move forward. Then she will set you tasks with deadlines for you to move in the direction of your dreams. Just what you want from a coach. Plus I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you Christine!" 

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