August 11

Resistance and Fear….


Resistance and Fear.


Do you know when you are afraid and you really resist this one thing. The thing that can bring you to a next level, make your life easier and probably more fun.


Well, I will kick this fear and resistance in the butt now.


I will finally step up. If you knew what this is about you would probably smile and laugh at me. You would think, well this chick travels the world, jumps out of an airplane without a helmet, does all this other crazy stuff and then it takes her 8 freaking years to make that decision and to finally step up….


Well, I hear you! And I hear inner voice saying: BUT I will only know for sure on Saturday afternoon. And who knows. Maybe my fear is right?!


Well, I do not think so and for sure I do not hope so. BUT….but I hear my fear say…


Well, I do not even know if it is real fear or if it is something else. Something I need to find a different name for…but it is going into the fear-what-if-it-does-not-work-for-me-category.


So stay tuned. I will dance a little with fear and resistance. I am pretty far along on my journey and commitment. So I guess I will do what it takes even if my stomach collapses.


My self-love is big enough to treat me with this treat, to allow myself to be on that next level and for me that will be next level stuff.


Well Talking about Self-Love Gorgeous!


Check this amazing thing out. 100% from the heart, from me to you. Because I see you stuck there. And if you don’t start right here it will be difficult for you to have massive, massive and aligned success.



YOU and ME Gorgeous, diving in deep.


Diving in deep into your fears and limiting beliefs. Looking at your mindset which obviously influences EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in your live.


Checking on how you can change this.


How to work with yourself to get that transformation.


This will be absolutely amazing and I have so much to give. So much to share.


This hour will be packed and also interactive. We have a Q and A at the end so you have a plan, your next best move, a strategy in place that you can work with.


I know Gorgeous, you are hiding!

I see that! I feel that! My intuition tells me!

And that is fine! I was hiding for years! I was afraid to step up! Afraid of being judged and I have overcome that. I am so much stronger today.


I know what it takes and I would be so honored to teach you! To see you grow! To see you shine!

I would just LOVE that for you. Because I know the HUGE transformation I have been through.


So to serve you better, I made that a no- brainer.

Come and join!

Come an play!

Come and learn!

Come and have fun!

Come and hang out with me.

Life will never be the same!


Sign up here!


BONUS: The first 10 people will get an amazing Self-Love Meditation to dive in DEEP before we EVEN START, sent via email:

See you inside, Gorgeous!



Christine Schlonski


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