July 27



Re-entry. After 2.5 weeks of vacation I am back to my job today. I am back to certain routines and time tables. I know you probably know how it feels to be back after an amazing vacation and I know that I struggled in the past coming back to my job.

This time though it is different.
I feel light and at ease. I actually look forward seeing my wonderful team and speaking to my great clients. I am full of energy and I can’t wait to see what I can create.

So what is different?


That is the ONLY difference.
I set an intention yesterday that my re-entry to my day to day life will be fun and exciting.
I pictured myself in my workspace and felt how great it felt. I pictured myself speaking to my amazing clients and potential clients and how wonderful they are. I saw my team performing at their best from their own power.

So what can you do to create your reality?

No matter if it is your job or your business, you can decide.
You can say YES and NO.
Just be aware of the power of your words and therefore your thoughts.

Will it all go smoothly?
Well maybe not and maybe yes. I don’t know and I don’t need to know. No reason to over think the whole thing. I prefer to just feel, decide and trust that everything works out the way it is intended.

Everything is always fine. Look back at your life and find situations where you thought that you have failed. And later in your life you understood that you didn’t just fail but that your failure helped you to reach even higher. Your failure helped you to become even better and yet so many of us are so freaking afraid to fail.

We do not understand that we need to see failure in a different light. Maybe in the light of Thomas Edison who failed hundreds of times only to eliminate the ways that did not work and finally was able to find the one way that worked and made the gift of the light bulb to humanity.

I believe that he only could fail so many times since he did not see failure as a BAD thing. He saw failure as an evaluation of how things do NOT work.

So change your mindset, change your life.

What is it you want to do?
How can you get it to work?
How many ways do you need to find to succeed?

In each and every decision is a new opportunity.
Overcome your fears.

You know deep, deep down inside of you that all is fine. That all is a path. So stop telling yourself your BS-stories! Get your work done. Go for your dreams.

You know last week I jumped out of an airplane. And during the whole process of saying YES to the experience and actually doing it, I observed myself. I observed my inner world, my thought. I was amazed how calm I was and how observing.
As the airplane went higher and higher up in thy air I pictured myself having a great experience. I trusted that all was going to be fine, that it would be fun and exciting and that I would love it.

There was a tiny moment where I felt like freaking out after the thought came to me that all instructors were wearing a helmet and all other people in the tandem jump weren’t. So jumping out of 13.000 feet without a helmet seemed totally crazy for a moment. I know so many people esp. here in Germany who don’t even ride their bike without a helmet and I am just getting ready to jump out of an airplane. It did not seem reasonable. I got over the moment and the fear attached and concentrated on having the best experience possible.

And you know what?
I had!

When actually allowing myself to free fall I was amazed how strong the pressure was on my body. And I did not seem to be able to breathe. There was air in abundance but I could not inhale! So the solution was to cover my mouth and breath. Which worked out fine.

Remember there always is a solution and if you can’t see it – then FEEL it!

Have an amassing day to free fall into your next wonderful moment and don’t forget:

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


I created a great meditation, you can get it here:


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