Great Self-Care helps you to Sell more and from the Heart
Great Self-Care helps you to Sell more and from the Heart Hi Gorgeous, Happy Sunday! I just got back from[...]
Perseverance will set you up for Success
Perseverance will set you up for Success Hi Gorgeous, I have just returned from Munich where I attended a 2-day[...]
I used to choke when making my offer
I used to choke when making my offer Hi Gorgeous, When I started my sales career in 2006 in selling[...]
Hurt people hurt people, Happy people make people happy
Hurt people, Hurt people Happy People MAKE People Happy Hi Gorgeous, Did you notice that when you are happy you[...]
Your feelings help you to manifest, a way to enrich your life right NOW!
  Hi Gorgeous, It is a beautiful day today, the sun is out, the leaves are turning yellow, it is[...]
Remembering your Dreams
Remembering your Dreams Hi Gorgeous, Do you find yourself sometimes in a situation where you realize that the months or[...]
Act from a place of JOY to allow Abundance in your life
Hi Gorgeous, Today I have chosen the quote “Life is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you[...]
The Secret Key to be UPLIFTED
Good morning Gorgeous, Did you know that the Key to be uplifted is to uplift others? Not sure if you[...]
Creating Impact In Your Life
Hi Gorgeous, I was just sitting outside in the summer sun eating some lunch. I had to pinch myself to[...]
Hi Gorgeous, The TRUTH: You need to make a CHOICE. Sorry, but you can't have both. You can't follow your[...]
EMBRACE A CLEAR DECISION! How asking for a clear YES – or – NO Will Give You More of What you WANT!
Hi Gorgeous, Are you a “maybe–person”? If you catch yourself in saying “maybe” to opportunities - most of the time…?[...]
You are so BLESSED
Hi Gorgeous, You are blessed! I am blessed! I woke up with this amazing feeling this morning that I am[...]
Is Your Work Honoured by Your Mentors?
Hi Gorgeous, I hope you are feeling amazing. I am still flying. And I love to share the experience with[...]
Hi Gorgeous, I went Kayaking with a friend the other day in one of those transparent kayaks with Austin Stoner as our[...]
Superwoman on Her Way….
Hi Gorgeous, Today I feel like Superwoman on my way. :-) We kicked of the Sales Mentality Makeover Masterclass. The mission?[...]
Hi Gorgeous, Your product or your service or your knowledge… it can change the world! What you know and what[...]
Do You Ask for Help When Needed?
Hi Gorgeous, One of the hardest things I had to learn was asking for help. I always thought I had[...]
Moving, moving forward….
Hi Gorgeous, Have you every tried to steer a car that was not moving? Well, I did. Even though I[...]
What is the TRUTH inside of you?
Are you doing something that you just love, love, love OR that you just DON'T love? How many compromises do[...]

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