July 26

All the places I’ll go…


All the places I’ll go. I am blown away. Still in flow and everything works out perfectly. I am on an airplane right now flying from Toronto, Canada to Berlin, Germany. When getting onto the flight I was a somewhat irritated. It is an old airplane, no entertainment if you do not have the App to watch on your own device. I DECIDED to stay relaxed, I wasn’t here to watch a movie anyway I wanted to get some sleep.

And it worked out brilliantly. The airplane is not very crowded and I changed my window seat for the row in the middle that has 3 seats and I had them all for myself. So I am refreshed after 6 hours of sleep.

Now I am back in my assigned seat and I did my journaling already and I am listening to beautiful Celtic fiddle music, while the blinds of my window are only opened a little to be able to have enough light for writing.

Breakfast will be served any minute now and I wonder how this whole thing called life works.
How one can have it all and someone else not.

And then I know that it is all a decision. It all starts with deciding.
No matter where you are in your life. If you can change and up-level your thoughts then you will change your world.

When going back in time and seeing how my life has changed, has unfolded in front of my eyes I am amazed. I basically only made new decisions and had the willingness to change, the willingness to be open and to conquer my fears.

There are millions of success stories in this world of people who have changed and made their lives much better.

The question is DO YOU even START?
Do you stop JUST dreaming?
DO you act NOW!
Are you willing to do that? Are you willing to step up? Are you willing to let go of the stories you keep telling yourself? Can you see through that illusion? Can you FEEL your truth?

Your thoughts will determinate your e-motions and therefore your motions (your action) and you will have different results.

NOW, you need to understand that all is a PROCESS.
Most likely there is no I change my thought today and have all I ever wanted by tomorrow. You have to start and you have to keep going, there will be obstacles in your way. Those you need to overcome. And the size of the obstacles depends on your perception. You can make them as big as you want or you can keep your cool, know that you will succeed and go for it one step at the time. So again it is a decision.

Once you steped into your power you will be amazed! I promise! You will have these WOW moments where so many wonderful things happen at once that it takes your breath away.

All the fun you will have.
All the beauty you will see.
All the amazing people you’ll meet.


And it is so simple, that it is hard to believe that it can be true.

There is a wonderful saying: Know your NOs so you can know your YES!
Decided! Learn to say NO to things that do not feel good to you. Things that do not align with your core, with your true authentic self.

Learn to say YES!
To things that make your heart sing! That make you wanna dance all day and shine and feel amazing, wonderful and whole.

The missing piece you are looking for is already there. Right in front of you. Embrace it! See it and use it!

Make a HELL YES decision.

First step is to say HELL YES to YOU!
To see who you are and work with the given. You are a Masterpiece and are perfect to start with. Once you go down this path the rest will align, if you keep moving with alignment, love, passion and the strong believe that everything is already perfect for you and will work out.

YOU know sometimes you don’t get what you want only to realize you are getting something much better that you even haven’t thought of. So keep going with your heart.

Love from high above the clouds,


I created a great meditation, you can get it here:


If you want to listen to beautiful Celtic Fiddle Music like I am doing right now, check this album out by Colin MacLeod and Rory Sinclair called Roaming Free available on iTunes and Spotify. I know you will love it, cause I do and you resonate with me otherwise you would not be here. 😉


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