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Perseverance will set you up for Success


Perseverance will set you up for Success

Hi Gorgeous,

I have just returned from Munich where I attended a 2-day conference and had the opportunity to connect with amazing entrepreneurs.
What I love about these communities, that I started to choose some years ago, is that there is always a deep dive into a conversation. 99.9% of the communication is meaningful.
People talk about their visions, dreams, purpose, challenges and of ways to collaborate and support each other. These conversations are so uplifting and inspiring.
I found that my soul sings when engaging and putting my energy in these environments.

I am so grateful that I left the artificial small talk kinda information-exchanging-complaining-talking-about-what-does-not-work-blabla behind me.
I do not engage in meaningless conversations anymore. This decision is so empowering and uplifting.
Since I started to be around successful entrepreneurs who take responsibility for their actions and know that they are creating their lives and know that they are in charge my life has changed as well.

Also, my relationships have changed and I understood the power of the environment.
Who you surround yourself with is who you become.
When I feel I am the “least successful” in a room, I am in the right place. Do I feel uncomfortable when I feel like I am the least successful in the room?
YES- Hell Yes but I want to be around people with a vision, around people who are driven and want success in their lives, people who do not make excuses or blame others, people who know that they are their key to success.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you, with people who walk the talk, with people who get results and are on a mission.
Just being in that energy will help you to move forward.
The difference in succeeding or not is simply that fact that some people give up. They give up way too soon.

Have you ever wondered about all these broke to millionaire success stories like:
*I only had 950 Dollars in my pocket and an old pick-up truck- I left my country and 2 weeks before I thought I lost it all, the magic happens and success came my way…
*I took my whole inheritance of 20.000 USD and I did invest into a 100.000 Dollar program with 2 toddlers and a husband trying to become a doctor… and it worked out …
*I left my country to make my dream come true. I sold everything I had, drove thousands of miles to find the coach, worked for him for 3 months while sleeping in my car and eating burritos since I did not have enough money and then he took me on board under his wings and I made my dream come true
*I got kicked out by my mother, slept on the streets in urine and beer, and my math teacher started to take care of me and that gave me the opportunity to get 2 degrees in Stanford and run a multi-million dollar company today

….. There are countless of these stories.
It all comes down to perseverance! I the ability to move forward.
There is this saying: When you move through HELL keep moving! – Great point.

What I learned and understood was that these people all have one element in common, they have been at the bottom. They know that this is not their place.
They decided and they committed, they took action and they did what it takes – no matter what.
All of them have a vision.
Giving UP was not an option! They were willing to fail and get back up, they were willing to be judged and laughed at and still keep moving, they were willing to take risk, they were willing to make sacrifices for long terms gains, to did what it took, they got themselves mentors and started to value themselves and put themselves first because they understood that they themselves are the best investment and the greatest asset.

My strategies to get unstuck:
When I feel stuck, I work harder and I focus on what matters to me. When I feel stuck, I surround myself with inspiring people who get stuff done. When I feel stuck, I go even deeper into coaching and I say yes to myself. When I feel stuck, I know it is temporary because I have a vision, I have passion and I am willing to do what it takes.
Also, I know that it is ONE step at the time. Often times things take longer than we think.
I learned that especially in sales it only needs ONE deal to turn your life around.
When I get frustrated because I am stuck I try not to focus on the things that I can’t change but to focus on what I can do to give my energy to that what matters.

The same strategies apply when you are selling your wonderful products and services. You need momentum. Don’t give up because 100 or 500 or 1000 people say no to your offer.
Keep going and improving and tweaking your pitch. Remember the story of Colonel Harland David Sanders. It took him 1001 tries for someone to say yes and the rest is history.

I hope this is helpful.
Stop JUST dreaming. Act NOW! If you don’t make your dreams come true nobody else will.


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