July 11

Out of my comfort zone!


Out of my comfort zone!

Here I am at Flagstaff Airport!
Still one hour until I can pick up my car. So after I have been traveling now for 30 hrs and still have one more hour to go. I need breakfast. Which here in the US is not easy with the way people eat. Only thing possible at the airport café was an omelet. So I am hoping that the chickens where happy and healthy. Looks like I am the only traveler here at the moment. The airport is tiny and one plane has just left and with it the about 20 people.

The lady in the Air Café seem to see me as an extraterrestrial, that is for sure from her look and question mark in her face. Not wanting any meat and no sugar and milk in my coffee.

Anyway so many first offs already for this trip. Like taking a train from L.A. to Flagstaff. It was OK but I would not do it again. Next time I prefer faster and more luxurious. 🙂 It’s just too long of a ride and you don’t see the landscape since the ride was over night and the very young girl sitting next to me need a lot of space. I have never taken a train in the US before. Interesting experience, note to self: Don’t do for such long distance again.

Before I left my comfort zone I set the intention, that everything will just be amazing and everything will work out perfectly for me. So far I had such great surprises, like Sheryl picking me up from the airport and taking me to the train station, finding 5 dollars at my feed before getting into her car, getting invited for the drinks at the station in L.A. I really start to enjoy permanent intention setting.

Even the very high temperatures in Arizona cooled down due to lots of rain last night and I was greeted with a beautiful double rainbow when I arrived at Flagstaff Station at [5:21] Arizona time.

Each time I leave my comfort zone I find out amazing things and each time I do ask myself why it took me so long to take these decisions and to leave this Zone.

Do you know that feeling, that when you finally start to take the first step things just line up and the universe tells you it is OK, keep going.

So what is holding you back from your next adventure?
Time? Money? To much work?

Sorry to tell you, it’s all an excuse! Where there is a Will there is a Way.

Tune into your heart and think of one single thing, no matter how big, but something you want to do or have or experience.

What would that be?
What would you need to do to get it?

Align your head and your heart and COMMIT! Commit and take the first step, right NOW! And if you can’t right now, then with 24 hrs!

Allow yourself to live your potential. Stop hiding! Start shining and bring your gifts into the world.
Deep down inside you know that you are unique and that you are a Masterpice and you are here for a reason. I admit it’s not always easy to find out what that reason is or the even hear that inner voice telling you because you have been conditioned to turn that voice off and ignore it, because you want to please and you want to be liked and loved. It is an illusion Gorgeous. When you start to love yourself that others will too and you can go for your dreams! You can have both! Believe that you can have both!

The fact that I am traveling now, that I have a great coaching biz, that I get to write and speak and show up every single day, that I have an amazing job with amazing clients, it all started with LEAVING my COMFORT ZONE.

You can do that too!

I would love to see you thrive and shine and happy and fulfilled and full of energy and joy!
Start choosing these things and believe that you can have it all!

Because you can HAVE IT ALL!

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!

Love from Flagstaff right now,
Christine Schlonski

Last chance and call for you to get my VIP-Day in Sedona. You need to message me today.
Do you choke when making your offer BUT your deepest desire is to serve and to stay HEART-centered? You can’t figure out how to FEEL amazing when making your offer and how to make it effortlessly and make the SALE with EASE and GRACE?
Then I am your woman!
Known as as The Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset, I show you that Sales is LOVE and that you can align your head and your heart and feel WONDERFUL when making your offer, confident, strong radiant, alive and vibrant.
With over 11 years selling and closing High-Ticket Live Events over the phone, I’ve become an expert at it. Consistently in the top of all sales staff globally I have made millions as a sales expert as well as team builder and trainer, I’ve learned what it takes to make offers and close the deal.
Everybody can learn & understand strategies. But I’ve seen over and over again that the biggest challenge most have is in how they FEEL when making their offer.
I help female, heart-centered, driven entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and creatives shift their mindset and feelings around sales. My background as an Integral Coach and E.F.T. Practitioner coupled with my high ticket sales experience, has given me the tools to teach and support you to get Big Sales Results by getting a SALES-SUCCESS-MINDSET.
With practice and guidance, you’ll make that shift from blocked and limited to knowing and confident. Making offers becomes fun and exciting. Owning your value, and the value of your work, you CAN sell with ease and grace, in total alignment, to get your special product and service into the world where it belongs.
If that is something you are looking for, let’s have a conversation and send me a PM now.
I only have 1 place available in Sedona and will only be there a limited time. So if this resonates with you and deep down inside you know that you want to FEEL amazing and win more clients at the same time, you want to bring your gift to the world, you want to shine and you want to eventually make more money and live your desire lifestyle, than do not wait another minute. STEP-UP NOW!



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