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One of the most rewarding FEELINGS!


One of the most rewarding FEELINGS!


What is one of your most rewarding feelings?


I mean one of those feeling where you want to sing, dance, jump up and down, turn in cycles?


Do you know these kinds of feelings? 


I hope you do! Because it is freaking amazing and should happen to you often! I mean often. Like very often!  At this high vibe, super excited, totally happy and blissful state anything is possible.


You will be more creative than ever.

You will just have that glow, that spark, that super power.


For me there are different ways that get me to this place.


One of my favorite ways is when one of my amazing soulmate clients gets results. Works with me, shifts like crazy with ease, fun and goes into the world to crash it!


I mean NOT crash it physically but levels up so freaking fast that is it such a huge joy to watch.


This just makes me feel amazing.


I am so darn proud of my clients. And you know the even better thing? Like this would not be enough?!


I only take on board Soulmate clients! So naturally they become my friends or they were friends and became clients.


How amazing is that if you only surround yourself with these awesome people!




As you can guess that was a learning process for me.

And it was hard in the beginning to figure out who is my soulmate client.

I am NOT talking ideal client! I am talking SOULMATE! Still a BIG difference!


It is not easy when someone actually wants to work with you but deep inside you know they do not qualify.


To say NO is such an important thing.

It will make you stronger and it will give you a different vibe and feeling and it will leave the SPACE for your Soulmate client to come in.


** If you are working with people who drain you, send them on their way. **


Finish the job it you have to but do NOT take any more money from them! Let them go, let them move on. 


You soulmate client will feel your commitment, your decision, your strength and the number of soulmate clients coming to you will grow. Maybe not as rapidly as you would like but you only will have joy and fun and therefore High Vibe.


This is probably not happening overnight. I had to get really, really clear on my soulmate client and I had to call them in!




Well, journaling of course, intention setting, deciding, committing and then actually executing. Saying yes and no at the right time.


So you can start journaling your soulmate clients into your life.

Here are some of the promotes I use:


I only call in my soulmate clients.


My soulmate clients are heart-centered and driven.

They are ready to do the work. There are ready to level up. They love what they are doing and they are great at it.

My soulmate clients love me! They love my work. They are committed to get results when we work together. Working with them is easy and fun.

It does not feel like work at all. It feels natural and it is an awesome giving and receiving relationship.

My soulmate clients level up fast. They inspire me each time we interact. My soulmate clients are my friends over short or long.

The love and appreciate me and my work and they come back on repeat.

They love to compensate me. I get compensated very well for what I do.

I am amazing in what I am doing. All the years of training, learning, investing in myself serve me to serve them. I have what they need!

My soulmate clients will find me easily. I get recommendations all the time.

I love what I am doing, I am the best at it and they need exactly that…….


So gorgeous..

Feel free to use any of these prompts.


For me they work wonder and it is such great fun to write them. It changes my energy instantly and I am even more high vibe.


Make a commitment to yourself! NOW!

Make a commitment that from today on you start to treat yourself with love and respect and that you only allow the perfect people for you in your life.


People who inspire you, people who are so much fun to work with, people who love to pay you in full and upfront and people who do the work and want to level-up!


So enjoy your journey and you amazing client. Shift to where what you do is easy, in alignment and pure joy.




Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!





PS: Do you want to check if you are my soulmate client? Send me a PM and we have a chat.


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