October 9

It has NOT always been this way


Hi Gorgeous,

It is a beautiful sunny day today. It is defiantly fall, leaves are turning and nights are already cold. The sun caresses my face as I am walking with my dogs thought the forest enjoying nature. It is 11:20 am. I felt I had to step outside to soak in some sun and to breathe the fresh air of the forest. 

Bob the Builder (my big dog) is carrying a stick and Gretel is talking to me in a language I still have not figured out. It is not German, nor English or…French … nope not Spanish either, must be Dogish 😉

While I am walking and listening to the peaceful sounds of the forest, the wind going through the treetops I remember how life used to be.

If I would not have said yes to myself 3 years ago I would still be in my corporate job as a Sales Director, mostly cold calling C-Level Executives to offer them High Ticket events, managing a team, hiring people, wasting time in meetings, and being told what to do…

Gazing into the blue sky and admiring the green trees with all their beauty, I feel like I am in heaven. Heaven on earth. 

What makes today so sweet is that for years, 8.5 to be exact I got up at 5 am, to leave the house at 5:55 am to catch my train at 6:13 am to go to Berlin only to be able to have that job that I worked so hard to get in the first place when I started as a Junior Sales Executive with no sales experience whatsoever but the huge desire to live in Berlin.  

I liked my job and I was freaking amazing at it. I ranked in the top performers’ list, closing millions of dollars, closing where others had failed or did not even get the opportunity. In only 7 short years I made it from Junior Sales Executive to Sales Director and I should have been happy with all my accomplishments but I did not have what I wanted most.

Freedom, flexibility, balance, harmony, true acknowledgment, flow, fun, excitement, fulfillment. 

Even worse, I did not even know how to get there. I did not have a clear picture of what I wanted my life to be like, look like and feel like.

Maybe you are in the same situation. You just feel that where you are is not the right place. 

My dissatisfaction grew together with my pain and frustration that it seemed so difficult to figure out what I wanted. I knew what I did not want but I did not have the clarity of what I desired.

I started to search for ways to get unstuck and gain clarity. 

Here are 5 things you can do right now that I found out the hard way and that took me years to figure out.

  1. Start asking yourself better questions and be creative. E.g. I started to ask myself if I desired something if this really was my desire or if I thought that I needed to have it because of peer pressure, my parent’s expectations, friends, etc. Each and every time I started to tune in, to be honest about my desires, where they came from and why I needed what I thought I needed. This way I learned more of what I really wanted and what was true for me.
  2. Start to look outside your box. Right now you are in a certain environment, you do things a certain way, you have a certain routine and you condition yourself. What happens when you step out and away? What happens when you discover new places, new people, and new ways of living? I started to follow interesting people on FB to see what they did, where they traveled, how they show up if their words matched their actions and I took what I learned to be inspired and learn what is even possible, what was already done that I did not even know about or think about.
  3. Acknowledge that you brought yourself in the situation you are in, take responsibility and be grateful for your path even though you might be very frustrated, fearful and not sure where to go and what to do to make it work… Start experimenting with envisioning different lifestyles and find out which one would feel amazing to you. Don’t worry about other people or don’t think it won’t be possible because of your spouse, kids, parents…. Just get clear on your desire first. 
  4. Do one small thing a day that lifts you up. That makes you feel different and better of. This can be a tiny thing like get yourself a flower, change the taste of your toothpaste, get a shampoo that smells different and feels amazing, get a yummy salad or the fresh-pressed juice, read a great book, listen to your favorite music, go dancing, meditate, go for a walk in nature…. Do something that uplifts you, motivates you and inspires you.
  5. If you can, get a mentor or coach. This really was such a big game-changer for me. It has put me on the fast track. Someone else looking in from the outside, seeing your potential helping you to get unstuck and grow while they support you, uplift you, believe in you… What a mix. 

So what has changed? How is my life now?

Well, I figured out what my gifts are with the help of mentors because I could not see it myself. I could not see the valuable gift I had and that I could share and monetize. I only had the feeling that there was something but I did not know where to look and how to tune into it and for sure, I could not see any path outside the corporate world at that time besides getting a different job. I was very much stuck.

So I gained new perspectives, I learned new ways of thinking and doing things and I got crystal clear of what I wanted and had people showing me how I could get it because they had walked down that path before.

I started with little changes and I put in some extra work. I made sure that I spent my time growing and investing in myself even though nobody in my environment but my hubby understood why I was “working so hard”. Why I was not focused on having fun, going out for dinner, going to the movies, relaxing on the couch, watching TV….

SIMPLE: I did not have TIME! I was stepping into a power I had never experienced before. I got immersed in personal development and business-building activities. I was more and more excited about all the possibilities opening up for me. I got obsessed to unleash my gifts, live my potential, create my life on my terms, travel the world, serve amazing people. 

You know even though I sold millions for someone, selling for yourself is not just a whole different animal, it is a different planet!

Selling is just a skill. Selling your services and products can feel amazing and can be a fun experience if done right and in alignment with who you are. So I figured this out, from 0 sales and hustling a lot to my first online sale of 97 Dollars, progressing over time to offers of 2.000, 12.000, 25.000 …
I really tuned in to what I could do for others. How I could help them to get what the desired while I showed them how to deliver amazing value with their gifts, monetize, package their gifts in a way that brings tremendous value to the world, helping their client to get results and be rewarded at the same time. 

It is so wonderful and sweet to receive the acknowledgment, the reward for all the work I have put in over the last 15 years in learning how to do things in a heart-centered way that feels natural, true aligned and gets results. 

Would you want to hear:
OMG, I talked to 6 people and closed 4 because of the package we have designed and the value I am delivering.
Or I can’t believe it, I just made 30% of my last year’s revenue in working with you for only 5 weeks. Or the moment I signed up and said yes to myself I got a new client.
Or I closed the gap and don’t undercharge anymore and now make 10x more per client while they are happy and love what I do and pay me upfront…

Just imagine how you can change the world with your amazing gifts. Just imagine when you work with your clients and they get way more than they thought is possible in a way that is aligned and creates win-win situations for all? Just imagine the fulfillment, the joy, and the bliss you can have. This feeling of contributing, changing the world in your unique way. Because you matter and you show up and you do what you came here to do.  

So while gazing into the blue sky, feeling the sunshine on my face and the autumn breeze playing with my hair, I see my happy dogs playing and chasing each other and I am in bliss. I am grateful that I did step up. That I conquered that fear of the unknown. Has it been easy?

NOPE! Has it been fun? Yes, most of the time. Are there moments when I freak out, when I worry, when I am not sure which step to take? Yes, 100%. 

I know I am on the journey I want to be on, I have the time freedom to do what I want to do and when. I do not take the train anymore to work in an office space on someone else’s schedule each day. Instead, I live. I feel alive. I create and I have the honor and pleasure to support amazing heart-centered, impact-driven entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs to be in building their business, in making sales fun for them so it feels it is done with ease, grace and confidence instead of shying away. I help people build their dream, getting crystal clear on what they want and why and how to go for it. I can work from anywhere in the world and I have wonderful soulmate clients anywhere in the world who light me up with each interaction.

My heart is full. I am deeply grateful. I am blessed. 

Is your heart full? Does it sing and whisper words of gratitude?
If not, find ways to serve more, to give more and help people to make their dreams come true and in the process you’ll discover that they are part of making your dreams come true, so we will all win at the end.

I hope this inspires you, this post motivates you and uplifts you.

Share your thoughts in the comments or send me an email to info@christneschlonski.com I would love to know about you, learn more and support you on your journey to freedom and redefining sales so that you create a business and life you just love.
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