September 12

Money Mindset


Money Mindset

Many of the heart-centered, driven coaches and creative I know have a money mindset that does not really support them.
They are hard working and hold the belief that you really, really have to work hard for the money you want to earn.


Maybe this sounds or feels familiar?


With this kind of mindset you block yourself from receiving with ease. Your subconscious will always help you to sabotage yourself. You will find many ways to make this believe come true.


So why don’t you start believing that it can be totally easy to receive money? That money comes to you easily. That there is enough money and that you can actually create your life, the lifestyle and the amount of money you want?


Or that you can now start to believe that you believe this can be true for you.


Have you ever noticed that very successful people say in interviews, to their tribes or maybe to you directly that sometimes they can’t believe they get actually paid for what they are doing, because it is so much fun and it comes with ease?


This happens when you step into your power. When you become your true self and when you use your gifts to serve people who need what only you have. All of a sudden you are in your zone. You have all the answers and the MISSING LINK to another person’s success.


So selling to them, to your ideal client, becomes fun and very well paid. You will feel that you actually receive money for having fun.


Isn’t this just a really great new perspective?
Getting paid for being you and having fun?


Why don’t you decide to go for these new beliefs to lift you up and to shift you to receiving money with ease, grace and fun?


Now, you probably have some kind of business or some kind of a business idea. To get yourself out and to make the money you want to make and to have the lifestyle you desire, you need to have your sales game on.


Sales always comes first! Without selling you don’t have a business- you have a hobby.


Most of my clients have a huge resistance to sales. To help you shift your mindset I have created.


Christine’s Sales Journaling Prompts to help you shift your Sales-Mindset for you.


Download here and start having more fun and positive feelings when thinking about sales.


Go for what you want, create the life and lifestyle of your dreams – because YOU can!


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!



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