August 22

Monday Morning Booster.


Monday morning booster.


Hope you are doing great and you enjoyed your time last weekend!


Today is Monday, the weather is grey in grey here in Berlin and I’m seeing in people’s faces for most it is a tough day already.


So just in case you are not feeling too great this morning: You can make a decision to change that. You can actually decide how to feel.


We create our feelings by the story we are telling ourselves. So if you don’t like how you feel, 




your story!


Your brain will not know the difference. Our brain cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. And that is actually a gift for each of us because in each moment you can decide to tell yourself a different – a better – story.


Isn’t that amazing?


Also you can tell yourself a future story. Like how your day will be going today. 


This is called intention setting. So basically you sit down and write out your day today. 

How wonderful and smooth it will be, all the great interactions you will have, the amazing people you will meet, the great opportunities opening up for you, the money you receive out of nowhere…..


Yes, be a bit creative. Have fun designing your day and feel into the feelings you are getting from these amazing thoughts.


Mmmmmhhhhhhh wow, you probably feel amazing, energized, full of  joy and excitement, happy. Don’t you?


Well to get all the amazing stuff and to make your dreams come true you need to become an energetic match to your outcome.


So whatever you decide, you need to grow into that person, who has that vibe. Who matches the energy of that what you want.


Look at the insanely amount of fun very successful people have. It looks like they are getting paid to play!


It looks like they make decisions only based on the amount of joy they will get but no real logical arguments.


So Gorgeous, time to dream!

Time to forget about logic.

Time to go wild in your mind of what is possible for you.


Practice a bit of craziness in your mind. Be unreasonable in your mind!


It is only you and you do not need to share your thoughts with anyone BUT if you want to, comment below:


What is a crazy thing you would love to do! (no judgment)


Experience the fun in your mind of what would happen if you can actually do and be who you want. Experience the great feeling that come along.


If you can have it ALL!


What little step can you take today to get closer to the fun in life?


Got one step? Well, go!


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW.





If you want to create a business and life that you love, if you finally want to enjoy a lifestyle you dream of, making the money you want and having FUN at the same time. We should have a chat.


I help heart-centered, driven entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and creatives to step into their sales power, to leave behind the feeling of being sleazy, pushy, not worthy, worrying about your price point, or even choking when making an offer. I will teach you a way to sell from your heart! To feel amazing, to be confident when making your offer to your ideal client and to make a sales with ease and grace and yes a High-Ticket.


If I inspire you with all my free stuff, if you like my vibe, I might be your woman to help you to your next level, to help you to actually have a business, making money and enjoying a lifestyle you love.
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