July 16

Luckiest Girl in the World


Luckiest Girl in the World,

I am so full of gratitude I could burst!
When you finally align, listen to you heart, take the steps that are required

pure MAGIC will appear.

So this morning I was up at 4:30 am. I woke up 30 min. before my alarm clock because I was so excited and I was afraid that I might oversleep.

I had a “date” at Airport Mesa, a rock and one of the Vortexes of Sedona with Colin. My friend and Fiddle Guru.
Yesterday I in-visioned myself meditating on that vortex at sunrise and I wanted music. I just texed Colin about how awesome it would be if he fiddles there and since he just arrived from Australia to Flagstaff he was only some miles away. He felt called to come and we made it happen.

What a treat. What a feeling to sit at the edge of the mountain, to have the wind caressing my face, playing with my hair, the sun coming out and Colin playing his fiddle.
There are NO words for the experience!

What a feeling, a private little concert on top of the world. First we shared with a live stream and then I totally and completely allowed myself to BE in that moment, to empty my mind, to be 1000% present, to listen, to feel, to be grateful. What an incredible experience.

So grateful for you Colin! Thank you.

And you know the best part?

It didn’t stop!

We took a hike to Devil’s Bridge and had a second concert there. What surrounding, what beauty in nature, in the music, all coming together. All perfect. I bet these mountains have never ever heard a Celtic fiddle before.

This day was so on FLOW, in alignment, in receiving and giving. It is such a beautiful thing to have that balance, to listen to my heart and allow myself to receive.

Now we sit here at Chocolate Tree and enjoyed an amazing organic meal, finally doing my journaling and sharing with you.

I so hope that I can inspire you to go for your dreams. To take the steps that are required and to make sure it is what you really, really want.

Because, I can HAVE it ALL!

You have a special gift that you can bring into the world. You might be an outstanding fiddler like Colin, you might be an online entrepreneur, you might be a stay at home mum, you might be an awesome story teller or an artist. We all have a gift. Usually we can’t see it because it comes so easy to us that we do not recognize it.

So cherish your gift, your beauty. You are a Masterpiece, never ever forget that.


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


My gift to you: my free meditation, download here: https://christineschlonski.com/getyourmeditation/


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