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Do you believe in LOVE?
Do you see love all around you?
Do you believe you are lovable?
Do you believe that you might even be LOVE?


Love is such a strong word. A word we think we need to understand. And there is the thinking mistake – LOVE does not need to be understood- LOVE needs to be felt.


AND please let’s NOT go there where we confuse LOVE with Sex or the romantic relationship.


Well yah, love is in that often BUT it is NOT LOVE. LOVE is so much more, so much bigger, so much wider, so much more convert.


So what is LOVE?
Well what is love for you?
You are actually here on this planet to love. First of all you are here to love yourself.
If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love others on a very deep level. ONLY if you can love yourself, if you can experience the feeling of LOVE within you, you can give it to others.


IF you feel LOVE for you first and within you first, you lose the neediness of wanting to get it, of wanting to attain it, of searching everywhere and not finding it. And that is where so many of other issues on this planet come from.


Hurt people, hurt people!


Think about it! If you are hurt you’re hurt mostly reaches out to others and you might hurt them. If you would have healed your wounds, if you would have moved on and accepted that you are love, that you can give love to you and to others, you will make different decisions.


Loving yourself does not mean to love everything you do and say… Then there would be no space for your growth. But being kind to you, accepting that you are here to learn, that you will make mistakes and that you will grow from them is the key.


Giving yourself love is like watering a beautiful flower. The flower will grow and give you a wonderful blossom.If you can see the beauty in others, if you can see their pain and if you can just be kind and open, you open the space for LOVE to come in.


You know I cannot handle all people in my environment and there are defiantly people I do not really care for to be around me BUT I can still love them and decide to not spend any time with them.


Try to make it a feeling for you before you judge, before you fight, before you argue to just send out love to the other person. It will soften you. It will help you to grow and it will make you STRONGER!


Coming from a place of LOVE makes you STRONG! Not weak!
I know it is a difficult one and we all might never master the art of putting love first all the time but at least it is worth trying. It is worth taking steps into that direction because it holds so much for us.


We will reduce:
The feeling of not being worthy enough
The feeling of inadequacy
Not being confident enough
Being unsure about everything and anything
Not being able to make decisions
and so on.


Being LOVE is standing in your POWER. IS SHINING your LIGHT. IS GIVING YOU what you NEED.
It makes life so much MORE and the WORLD so much bigger and exciting and fun and inviting.
Choose LOVE every time you make a decision. Ask your HEART, because you HEART can see! YOUR HEART is able to lead you. Science shows that your HEART can actually think. Google it!


Choose LOVE first and if you did not like the results in your life- what I would doubt- you can go back to your old patterns of fear, stress, unworthiness- and I promise YOU can choose. Up to you!
Remember: you CREATE!

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!




If you think I would be a great mentor and mirror for you, let’s talk!
I have the opportunity for 1:1 Gorgeous, dive in deep. YOU and ME!
Get results, get into your purpose, into your light, into your POWER and stay there!
Here is how it works:
Send me a PM and we connect and have a Discovery session. In that session I will help you to create an action plan and show you what we could create together if you would be working together. You decide but either way, you will have something on hand to go for your dreams and to Stop JUST dreaming and act NOW!


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