August 19

At which Level do you want to PLAY?


At which Level do you want to PLAY?


What an important question, right?
Really you should know.


What level is it?


It is all a question of energy and becoming an energetic match to what you desire.
At the end it is ALL the same.


Small thoughts take the same amount of energy than big thought.
The question is: Do you dare?


Which level do you want to play at?


At the beginning of your journey to freedom you might not be totally sure because you might not know where to start. But maybe, maybe you already have it inside of you all your life?


Think about it when you were a kid and you just ask for stuff you wanted. Straight away, no detours, no strategies, no shame or guilt!


You knew you should have certain things, you knew you wanted to do certain things (like only one more ride on that rollercoaster – only one more – promised!)


You just knew!
While growing up we were introduced to the concept that you can’t have it all. That you need to stop asking for stuff all the time. That it would be good if you were more modest and if you listen to the adults because they’ve got it, they know……


And you hear that over, over, over and over again…. and you are learning the concept and your thoughts and desires become smaller and smaller. Maybe you totally stopped in expressing them. All of a sudden you believe you are not good enough, you are not worthy… you are not entitled to a great life because nobody has it all anyway. And you kinda give up, the flame that burns inside of you becomes smaller and smaller and you give into the normal, you do what others do because that is how things are done.


Gorgeous! The coin always has two sides and what works one way works the other.


What would happen if you buy into a NEW concept?
What would happen if you have enough, enough of normal?
What would happen if you change your life?
What would happen if you choose new beliefs?
What would happen if you actually can have it ALL?
What would happen if others have been there and are able to lead and show you a way?
What would happen?


Get your journal out Gorgeous and answer these questions!
Answer them from the bottom of your heart.
I know your flame is still there!
I know it might be only a tiny sparkle but it can be nurtured . It can grow and you can get your fire back. You can have fulfillment in life, the love you want, the money you desire, the friendships you want to have, you can go for your dreams……


HOW about you actually DARE to live?



Live a life that you desire?
Yes, that will hurt sometimes!
Yes, you will not always be understood!
Yes, people might turn away from you!




You know what! It is so much better to try and to live and to love fully then to die one day with so much more music inside of you.


You can do what you want!
You are a Masterpiece!
You have something that only you have and that needs to be shared.
You have a gift you need to bring to the world!


So go out there and LIVE!
Your LIVE is not a rehearsal, it is the REAL thing!


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!


You will find people who did it before you. Have them as an inspiration, as a mentor, as guides. Show others what can be done and be their inspiration. Enjoy, feel, have fun.


It is ONLY a decision!




PS: In case this resonates with you and you might think I am the perfect mentor for you, I would be happy to have a chat….. Taking two Soulmate clients on board for 1:1 mentoring.


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